Will england beat france tomorrow only posative answers please? Related Questions

Will england beat france tomorrow only posative answers please?
Asked By SPUDULIKE,Last Answer By dennis At 2011.03,1 Answers

love rugby

If England beat France and Ireland Beat England, Who would win the grand slam then?
Asked By Miss LaStrange,Last Answer By roly At 2011.03,1 Answers

I'm not saying it will happen, but who will win the 6 nations if this happens?

Six Nations: Are the Irish hoping England beat France?
Asked By Elric of Melniboné,Last Answer By ashimagupta02 At 2021.12,2 Answers

Isn't it wonderful that England got beat in the rugby tonight?
Asked By ♥FLUMPS♥,Last Answer By john m At 2011.03,1 Answers

Just made the start of my weekend better. Especially with Scotland's win in the fitba the other night.......

Anyone else share my views, or are you all just going to insult me now?

Welsh Rugby Fans: Would you rather beat new zealand or england?
Asked By back at school,Last Answer By Rollin At 2011.03,1 Answers

i know that a lot of people in wales dont like the english. i also know that wales havnt beaten new zealand since some time back in the 1950s. would you rather beat the english or the all blacks?

I am going to France tomorrow and i don't know any french...?
Asked By blah,Last Answer By flightpillow At 2011.03,1 Answers

can people give me words and meanings that i will need when i go?
or even i website to help me ou?

'Life is better in France than in England'?
Asked By Laura.X,Last Answer By Rillifane At 2011.03,1 Answers

I have to do a debate in french on this, just wondering if people can think of good points in agreement with this?


England v France! Which player is going to score the first try?
Asked By Welshchick,Last Answer By steph At 2011.03,1 Answers

What would be a good college in France or England?
Asked By Kayla,Last Answer By â–ºAurora Borealis At 2009.12,1 Answers

What are some good colleges or universities in France and/or England?

10 minutes left - France 9, England 8 - who will win?
Asked By Phil McCracken,Last Answer By mistickle17 At 2011.03,1 Answers

Who else would like to see England crush the Republic of Ireland in tomorrow's rugby match?
Asked By Goat Whacker,Last Answer By Eoin Everything At 2011.03,1 Answers

On the basis of military might, who is stronger...England or France?
Asked By Nero,Last Answer By WOP2_99 At 2010.04,1 Answers

Just a general survey

Who will win England-France Rugby Union match tommorow & by how much margin?
Asked By 2007 Rugby Champ France!,Last Answer By FN At 2011.03,1 Answers

Hello America, I have just spent the past few days visiting W.W.2 War graves in England and France,...?
Asked By [email protected],Last Answer By ty4all At 2011.04,1 Answers

....I CANNOT BELIEVE the number of you guys that died to help us in our time of need! God bless them and thier families, and God Bless America always!

Is there a repeat of the 6 nations rugby match between England and France I fell asleep in the second half???
Asked By gr8eatgirl,Last Answer By Von Lipwig At 2011.03,1 Answers

On the tv

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