My boyfriend wants to take me horse racing! I need help!? Related Questions

My boyfriend wants to take me horse racing! I need help!?
Asked By Contemplative Chanteuse IDK TI,Last Answer By Giz At 2011.03,1 Answers

I've never even been on a horse in my life! The thought of having to race one scares me senseless! What should I tell him? How can I get through this? I don't want anyone to think I'm stupid!

Also, do I need special shoes or will my Espadrilles work?

Horse racing fans, do you also enjoy Harness racing or Trotting racing?
Asked By Hawkeye Pierce,Last Answer By Sandra S. At 2011.03,1 Answers

Horse Racing fans. Which do you like better? Thoroughbred Racing or Harness Racing?
Asked By scooter_5_more-days,Last Answer By froglady At 2011.03,1 Answers

Jockey - what is the role of a horse racing jockey in horse racing and how he gets jockey qualification ?
Asked By Always Good,Last Answer By NANDI காளை नन्ठAt 2011.03,1 Answers

How does horse racing affect the horse?
Asked By Tori smiley face,Last Answer By LauraRoss At 2011.05,1 Answers

Horse racing, ALERT,ALERT !. running sunday,your thought's?
Asked By pkscally,Last Answer By King_Billy At 2011.03,1 Answers

hi,i wasn't doing this untill next month BUT,my hand has been forced,a horse i have patiently been waiting for since last season is running sunday,(NORTHERN FLING 4-15 doncaster) 4th on his 2nd appearance at 20-1.i had 40-1 that day 37 days ago,was beaten,hd,hd,1l he obviously is fit so early in the season,so he has to be backed tomorrow (14-1 at mo) BUT. caution i think his main aim is the wokingham 6f,if he is schooled tomorrow the price available for the wokingham when markets open will be atleast 20-1.if he wins tomorrow aroud 8-1 fav ish. SO my recomended bets would be,back him tomorrow,say £5 for example,if he wins then with the winnings £35 e/w around 8-1 ish.if he doesn't win tomorrow then GREAT.bigger price when antepost market opens.Other horses will be available when relevant.good look all scally.

Asked By pkscally,Last Answer By mysilv At 2011.03,1 Answers

hi all,this horse has to be backed tomorrow,SWEET GALE . 4-0 south at least 7lb in at the weights and more with the others.he must go off at fav,grab the earlys.also FOLIO .9-20 G/L. e/w about 5-1.he won last time c/d he has gone down in class and only has gone up 2lb for his last win c/d. IVORY SILK 8-20 G/L.i dont think he has finished winning yet,still more to come,he will finish with a late rattle.also in the same race ALMATY EXPRESS could just nick this from the front.he was succesful over c/d seven runs ago of a mark of 80,he runs of 74 today,maybe a cheecky tiny r/fc.ivory silk catches him on the line mmm.BAVARICA 8-50 G/L looks well treated e/w.MOZAYADA 2-30 SOUTH. might just be able to get his head in front now he is reunited with franny norton.SPRINTS. R Harris. is represented in both sprints. DECIDER 1-0 SOUTH he won over c/d nine runs ago of a mrk of 57 winning by 3L plus very easy.he runs of 60 today.P.S plenty of money backed on decider at the moment,STEAMER.Div2 the other sprint,R. Harris other horse **** N SPAN 3-0 SOUTH he did win his maiden by 6l of a mark of 55 58 today. LITHAAM same race very dangerous. probably the best three sweet gale, decider, ivory silk, sorry to bore you all to death,just little pointers,good look all pkscally

Horse Racing Season!?
Asked By Jabas,Last Answer By MamaBas At 2011.05,1 Answers

so I don't even know if its called a season, but when does the horse racing season start and end? and when is the triple crown? i find it really cool and i want to learn a lot more about it... Thanks!

Somebody here love a horse racing?
Asked By GAROTINHO,Last Answer By Laura At 2011.05,1 Answers

I m a big fan....Wich is your favorite horse?...Sorry for my inglish i m uruguayan

What do they mean by handicap in horse racing?
Asked By Hawkeye Pierce,Last Answer By Sandra S. At 2011.03,1 Answers

Who won the 1.45 newbury horse racing?
Asked By Darren,Last Answer By Sir Alan At 2011.05,1 Answers

Do you think dog and horse racing is fixed?
Asked By lee,Last Answer By QHlover At 2011.03,1 Answers

Is Horse Racing Cruel?
Asked By Ponicorn,Last Answer By Sandra S. At 2011.03,1 Answers

I'm a vegetarian, i don't wear leather, Im trying to go vegan, I love horses, though i love horse racing.
are the horses treated good?
whats the deal

Horse this a good bet for wed?
Asked By pkscally,Last Answer By dofeboy2002 At 2011.03,1 Answers

hi all,had to put this up.MARMOOQ 7-50 KEMPT E/W 5-1 ish.i think he has an excellent chance,he will come with a late rattle and finishes very fast like his previous run at kempton c/d drawn 11.a bit closer to the pase from draw 7 he should pick them off late.if you fancy a double NICKEL SILVER 3-25 LING he should easily go in again.good look all.pkscally

Why do you people think that horse racing is wrong?
Asked By barrel racer,Last Answer By Boxer Lover At 2010.01,1 Answers

have you ever rode a race horse or just at least seen one?.....cant you see that they love to run? Their not being FORCED to run......they WANT to run....I really dont think that if a horse REALLY didnt want to run then a little 115 pound jockey is going to force it to do anything. My horse has TB blood in her....(her mom was quarter horse appendix) and all she WANTS to do is run run run....I mean sure...there are race horse owners out there that shouldnt probably even own a gold fish. But dont blame it on the sport....dont try to make the sport end....why dont you go after the owners who are just "money mad" and are willing to hurt there horse for money. But not all race horse owners are like that....

and yes I understand a lot of TBs get injured every year from racing......but what about nascar, football, and mountain climbing.....a lot of people get injured from those activities too but I dont see anyone trying to end them.

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