Can you answer these "pick one or the other and why" type hockey questions?????Answerer? Related Questions

Can you answer these "pick one or the other and why" type hockey questions?????Answerer?
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Happy Coffee Friday. Please pick one or the other and why:

1. What is more important to a team: Hockey coaches or hockey scouts?

2. Which is more exciting: the Shootout or the Shutout?

3. What team has the most fascinating rich history: The Red Wings or the Blackhawks?

4. Just to settle an argument that I am having with another Answrer: What is more funny on youtube or break…….a guy getting hit in the nads or animals doing silly things? Why?

5. What team as the richest fighting history: Boston OR Philadelphia?

6. What is the worse situation for a hockey player in a corner: Losing the puck OR losing a stick?

7. What is more annoying: Watching a game with FoxTrax (glow puck) OR Watching a game that only has two minutes of 5 on 5 play (because of so many unnecessary penalties)?

8. Is commentating more annoying: On Versus OR when it was on ESPN?

9. What is the most important safety equipment in your opinion: Pads OR a helmet?

10. What is more of an exciting day for a hockey fan: The Trade Deadline or Draft Day?

Can you answer these "waste some time" hockey type questions?
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Good Morning all of you wonderful hockey people. Wanna answer some Hockey Questions???
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1) No rules about malodorous body odor in the NHL? Could this be to somebody’s advantage? Rub yourself in skunk juice & hit the ice. Do you think players would be less likely to check you or get anywhere near you?
2) Beer Nuts, Tortilla Chips & salsa, or potato chips?
3) We may see the biggest vacancies of coaches ever this offseason. Name 1 thing that is ABSOLUTELY essential for you to have confidence in your favorite team’s coach?
4) Which would you rather vacation at: Ukraine, Romania, or Slovakia?
5) Everyone loves to make predictions…but I am not big on them. To step outside the box & I am going to promise that the Panthers and the Blackhawks will make the playoffs in 2011. What is your crazy way-in-the-future prediction?
6) Cat person or Dog person?
7) For all of the times we see the Q's on Y!A, “What was that song that played in the 2nd period after X scored during the whatever game?”…shouldn’t the arena post the songs played during the game on the web?

Can you answer these hockey questions about being a hockey fan through the years of your life????!!!!????
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Can you answer these hockey questions...that have to do with hockey...yup?
Asked By Homes,Last Answer By Erica At 2011.03,1 Answers

Okay…. I have some questions. Typing sucks……spell check caught me from saying “got”…living in the south turns you into an idiot……somebody has to save me from this redneck hell.

1) Why are hockey jerseys so cool? Do they still make those triangle shaped “pendants” that look like flags, that you can hang on your bedroom wall…from when I was a kid?

2) Am I the only one, but does Forsberg news annoy you? ….What a freaking drama queen?…or I want to paint his toenails?

3) Vincent Lecavalier is having talks of a lifetime contract. Assuming his lifelong dream is to play in Montreal, would this be letting his family down?….or letting down Canadian fans?

4) LMAO! If you type in “NHL Awards Kane” in google…it tried to correct Kane …to Kayne… so, why are rappers more popular than hockey players?

5) What was more embarrassing…the Detroit “we’re bring sexy back” or the Ottawa Senators pre-game playoff ceremony with the nerd Gladiator that had a mask that didn’t fit?

It's been a while......Can you answer this hockey type trivia???!!!???
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1) What person said, “I guess if he wants to fight someone, he is in the wrong sport." after referring to hockey?

2) This player took a hockey break from 1926-1928 to play what sport? He then only played 9 more game in the NHL, and in those 9 games he played for 2 teams.

3) A GM of a SEHL team played for UCLA’s basketball team in the late 80’s. What was his name?

4) What player was on the same team in the NHL with his brother and once while coaching his EHL team, he threw his fourteen-year-old son in the game, because he was short of healthy players?

Can you answer these hockey questions?
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Hello and Happy Monday!

1. Would you pay $10 more for a hockey ticket if your seat had a tray that pulled out of the arm (like on airplanes), so that you would not have to eat nachos on your lap?

2. If the NHL initiated a mid-summer 5- game tournament between the four worst teams in the previous NHL season, which would determine 1st draft pick (and not the lottery), would you watch it? Do you think that would be more exciting than the All-Stars or about the same? Best idea ever, or I am an idiot and you want to pee in my beverage?

3. There is a joke: How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: F ‘em, let them cry in the dark. What other joke reminds you of Crosby? Ohhh, okay seriously, have you every cried while playing any sport?

4. A genie comes out of a lamp and informs you that he will not grant you any wishes. What a jerk. Instead, on the 1st day of every NHL season, he will tell you what team will win the Stanley Cup that year. The only condition…you are not allowed to gamble. Would this ruin it for you? Is it like recording a game, and the finding out the score before you watch it?

5. Your town is having a contest and the winner get the best tickets to every game of next season’s finals series including airfare and $10,000 in spending money. All you have to do to enter is do something nice for the community, it has to be funny or entertaining, and you have to take a picture of this deed. What do you do?

Have a wonderful day everybody!

Can you or will you answer these"you really don't have to do any thinking" questions that are somewhat hockey?
Asked By Homes,Last Answer By Kimmy (Will not back down) At 2011.03,1 Answers

1) When you are in the Stanley Cup finals, are you even “in the mood” for anything, or are you too exhausted?

2) Why aren’t keyboard/typewriters in the order of “ABCD..YZ”?

3) If you won the Stanley Cup & you had the choice of using your real name OR any other named you desired, would you pick your real name or some silly name like Saucy Heferliopus?

4) When is the last time you bought bubbles? Did you ever knock the bottle over and try to use dish soap & water as a substitute?…not really the same….is it?

5) Do fans banging on the glass annoy you?………A bit of overkill?…I am sure the players don’t give a crap about banging on the glass by now…..Right?

6) 40 ounces of warm Magnum Malt liquor, creamed corn, a t-bone of fat, liver, vomit from Donald Trump, or 6-year-old fruitcake. Which is best to consume?

Can you answer these hockey questions and stuff?
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1) Have you ever ordered pizza, went to go get an intermission drink, or purchased something because of an advertisement on the boards?

2) Colors can have an effect on a person psychologically. If a player dislikes a certain color, and yet he has to wear that color whenever he plays for his respected team, do you think that his performance of play may differ that if he were wearing his favorite color?

3) What did you have for dinner last night?

4)Do you think that they wash and reuse the sweat, snot, and bloody nose towels on the bench?

5) Did you ever steal anything, when you were a kid?

6) Say your most beloved NHL forward was high-sticked in a game, and fractured a cheekbone. Then the next season he starts wearing a wire cage face shield (reporting to the media that he intends to wear it for the rest of his career), and his performance remains stellar…would he still be your most beloved forward?

Can you answer these hockey questions and question?????
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1) If you had to eat the same food for the rest of your life, what food would that be? (Example pizza)

2) What is the worst part of hockey season?

3) If you had a pig as a pet what would you name it?

4) Do you tip the concession stand people that serve you beer?....or only the bar only concession stands bartenders at the game?

5) What was the last beverage you drank? Was it good?

6) Do you find it hard to eat at hockey games, compared to eating at home and watching hockey on TV?

7) Do you drive slowly, or do you have road rage?

8) Is it tacky to name your children after a hockey player?

9) Do you like nighttime tipsy Hales or the sober daytime coffee Hales?

10) What position is most important in the playoffs? Goalie? Perv Answer?

11) Why is it when they call Toronto (to make a tough call), they have the "old school" corded phone through the glass hole? Don't you think they should have updated to cordless by now?


Can you answer these hockey questions to waste some time???!!!???
Asked By Homes,Last Answer By MoltarRocks At 2011.03,1 Answers

1) If played for a specific NHL team, would you wear their logo apparel during your off time? What about wearing your own jersey to go grocery shopping?

2) If they televised a game between the east conference scouts and the western conference scouts, would ratings in Canada be better than a Thrashers vs. Detroit game? Which scouts would win?

3) You find the man/woman of your dreams. You guys go to “meet the parents”, and His/her father answers the door wearing a shirt that says, “I still love Alan Eagleson.” Do you instantly start questioning your relationship?

4) Coaches and players that are verbally improper when speaking of others in the NHL can be fined. If a player or coach were to use sign-language when replying to the media to say how they really feel about a specific referee, do you think that he could be fined?

5) When watching a reg. season game on TV, what do you do immediately after the game is over?

Can you answer these head scratcher hockey questions?
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1. If two teams either refuse to play, or are both not in compliance, the game will be forfeited AND the “away” team will be declared the WINNER. I remember a few seasons ago, I was watching the last game of the season, and it would have been to the underdogs advantage to win the game (visitor) and it would have been in the favorite’s best interest to lose the game… far as match ups go in the playoffs. So, what if two teams blatantly and openly refuse to play the last game of the season (a mutual agreement) to purposely be matched to an opponent they would most likely succeed against in the playoffs in the 1st round?

2. A player has to be with 5 feet of his bench (and out of the play) to exchange for fresh legs on a change. How do you think picked “5 feet”…I mean, why not 7 feet?

3. Play continues if a puck hits an official, but if a puck hit an official and goes “directly” in the net it is automatically NOT considered a goal. What if the puck, hits the official, hits the boards,and THEN goes into the net. Goal or no Goal in your opinion?

4. Going to the NHL website, before you open (download) the NHL Rulebook it says, “No new changes to the Rules for 09-10. It is a rare year that the NHL does not tinker with at least one or two of its rules, but for the 2009-2010 season there is nothing new for referees to call.” Does the word “tinker” annoy you, like it annoys me?

Can you pretty please answer my questions about the Hockey Section?
Asked By Homes,Last Answer By you At 2011.03,1 Answers

1) Does anybody else find it hard to pick a “Best Answers” when everyone is so creative & comical?
2) I find that many times my Q & A’s get deleted. Would you prefer one of your answers getting deleted or one of your questions getting deleted by Y!A?
3) I am a “thumbs up” junkie. I “thumbs up” people that are new users & regulars all the time...even if I don’t answer the question. Is this a waste of my clicking finger?
4) We know there are an abundance of Leaf fans, Red Wing fans, & Flyers fans on here. Being a Lightning fan, I am largely blind to this, but do you think that when people announce that they are fans of less “popular” teams (like Nashville or Atlanta), they are automatically discredited as an educated answerer?
5) Everyone is an expert at making 1 food item. As a kid, I thought I made the best pudding. ;) As an adult, I know my lasagna rocks. If we were to have a Y!A hockey section potluck of sorts, what dish would you bring?...and BEER doesn't COUNT!

THE WORST of Coffee Friday! Can you answer these hockey Questions?
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I went to Burger King this morning. Not something I normally do, but I was abnormally staving this morning. I bought an Iced Coffee that was most likely 90% cream. Since I am pretty sure I am lacking the caffeine to make Coffee Friday fun, we are going to revisit some old questions……..I know, I know………….I’m lazy. Also, maybe some of your answers have changed since the last time I asked them.

Have a good one!

1) If it was your choice to rename the nearest arena to where you live, would you rename it, or would you keep it the same?

2) You visited you mother for Christmas (if she is not alive, sorry) and you find her having “relations” with a NHL player. Let say the ice skates are hanging on the doorknob. lol. What player would you prefer to come out of the bedroom, smoking a cigarette?

3) If you were a color commentator, would you wear shoes?


Can you please answer these Classic Coffee Friday hockey questions?
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Happy Coffee Friday! I have been drinking the brown juice and now I am looking for entertainment like a blind king. No, I have no idea what that means.

1. Why do they call them “free” agents if they are not “free”? Yeah, I know they have some free time, but can’t we just call them “Unemployed” players?

2. Not sure if you saw this, but Obama got a Penguin’s jersey. It was #44. I can’t believe it took me 30 seconds to realize that is because he is our 44th president. *Smacks forehead* My question is: As history goes on, and numbers keep getting retired, do you ever think one day, teams will have to go to triple digits? If so, would # 666 be a number not allowed?

3. Any big plans this weekend?

4. The average age people die is 75.8 years old. The average age a rock star dies is 36.9 years old. It is rare to find a hockey player that dies prematurely. Other than great physical health, what do you think contributes to a hockey player longevity?

5. Briere is a point-a-game type of guy. How many points will it take for Flyers fan to accept Briere?

6. I went to a website that sells hockey player signature wine. You can buy LaFontaine, Rob Ray, Bobby Hull, T. Esposito, Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Clark Gilles, Rod Gilbert, Mike Richter, Dave Schultz, Bobby Clarke, Darryl Sittler, Doug Gilmour, & Wendel Clark wine. Which wine do you think is the least popular?

7. Is there a place where you would NOT want to run into your most beloved NHL player? If so, where?

Have a good day!

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