2 questions. Now the the NBA Season is over what sport will u be watching now? 2) Do u think the Lakers->? Related Questions

2 questions. Now the the NBA Season is over what sport will u be watching now? 2) Do u think the Lakers->?
Asked By scooter_the_squirrel_agent,Last Answer By ●Jade Bruh● At 2011.02,1 Answers

will be able to win another Championship Next season why or why not?

On a separate note i want to take a moment to apologize to a couple of users here in the Basketball section for a misunderstanding that we had. They know who they are.

What Sport Are You Watching Right Now (During The Off-Season)?
Asked By ρєαÇɦє§ ♥,Last Answer By ♥me and you= yahoo dorks♥ At 2011.02,1 Answers

Inspired by Corey's question

Am i Laker Bandwagon Fan because this is my first time watching the Lakers win a Championship?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By J At 2011.02,1 Answers

Lol the question i asked before people assume that because this is my first time watching them win a Championship, but the fact is you cant take away the championship and that feeling way from the Lakers and their Fans.

This is my first time watching the LA Lakers win a Championship, My first time and i love it

Simple say all you want but..... i know my truth and i can live happy

Lakers vs Warriors: Season Sweep?
Asked By LO7 ┼ тнε cαη∂ymαη,Last Answer By ●Jade Bruh● At 2011.02,1 Answers

This is the last season game between the Lakers and the Warriors this season. the Lakers have won 3 times already this season and could go for a season sweeep when the Warriors visit the Lakers.

Lakers are coming off a 1-point loss and the Warriors are coming off a win.

Everytime we play the Warriors it's always an exciting game...maybe because when you play the Warriors it's always an Offence oriented game.
* Pau Gasol & Kobe combined for 50 points in each of the 3 games the Lakers have won.

So who do you got? Tell me the Keys for the game for the Lakers.

*After this game the Lakers will go on a 7 game road trip!

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If the Lakers kept Marc Gasol instead of trading him, where would they be at this season?
Asked By UCLA!,Last Answer By MCâ„¢ At 2011.02,1 Answers

I asking it because I think Marc is better than Bynum so why the Lakers not trade Bynum for Pau last year?

BQ:Who is better Bynum or M. Gasol?

BQ2:How is going in your Easter day?

BTW,Happy Easter basketball section,sorry too late

Who will be the toughest challenge for the Lakers now that Ginobili is out of the season and playoff?
Asked By MCâ„¢,Last Answer By Lovin The Music At 2011.02,1 Answers

I am not completely counting the Spurs out here, but their offense stink as it is and w/o Ginobili it will stink more. I think at best they will survive the first round.

So who is next in line to make a legit challenge to the Lakers grip on the West?

To me Denver is a great team that can surprise people in the playoff this year, this has a great and experienced leader in Billups, firepower from the starters to the bench, and George Karl is an underrated coach in my opinion. They are the 2nd best team in the West going into the playoff and they are my pick to play the Lakers in WCF.

Utah's biggest weakness is their road performance, with the return of Bynum the Lakers can get a hell lot more physical inside with them, and we closed out the series in Utah last season, so I can't say I am that worried about them.

Portland --- we can't seem to win at Portland, so if the Lakers matchup with them it can be a very wild series, possibly a 7 game one with the home team winning every game, so advantage Lakers.

Houston -- we swept them and with Bynum back we can do a much better job at containing Yao.

New Orleans -- Chandler's health will hurt them come playoff time, they are still dangerous with CP3, but this team has not put it together on a consistent basis all season long.

Dallas -- They are good when they are clicking on offense, but I think it's common knowledge that you can's win with offense, especially a team that rely so much on their shooting.

Why do people bother watching sport on TV?
Asked By barnameye ghashang,Last Answer By n At 2011.03,1 Answers

I just don't understand what is so exciting about it. I love to participate in sports, but I hate to watch sports. I don't understand how people can watch a soccer match for 90 minutes, that seems like torture to me. Why not just wait afterwards and go to youtube and watch all the highlights which only takes a couple of minutes?

I'm not trying to hate on anybody, I simply just want to understand what is so exciting about it...

So Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, and Jimmie Johnson dominated this season, so was it good for the sport?
Asked By Monkeys!,Last Answer By Firestorm At 2011.02,1 Answers

These 3 guys dominated the season, between them, they had a combined 24 wins in Cup. That 2/3 of the Cup season.

Guys that yearly get wins didn't get them this year. (Ex: Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, etc.). Mainly cause the season was dominated by those 3 men.

So did the domination of the Big Three hurt or help NASCAR as a sport?

Baseball section Which sport from these 2 groups do you like watching or playing besides Baseball?
Asked By scooter_the_squirrel_agent,Last Answer By The Mick "7" At 2011.02,1 Answers

I have divided this into 2 groups. The 1st group is the more well known & more popular sports. The 2nd group is the lesser known or less popular sports. Pick one of each.

Group 1

A) NFL(Football)

B) NBA( Basketball)

C) NHL(Hockey)

D) College Football

E) Men's College Basketball)

Group B

A) Horse Racing

B) Bowling

C) WNBA(Women's Basketball)

D) Nascar

E) Tennis

Lakers Lost Kobe sucked not Clutch, Are the Lakers chances to wont the Championship over?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By Abstract At 2011.02,1 Answers

LOL Im Just Kidding

I could not watch the game had to do something important and i got the info from my Bro and well it was not a good.

On YA! Its sounds like they are not going to win its over........ its 1 game the Lakers still have the lead and i am looking forward to Thursday

If the Hornets go up 3-2 against the Lakers, will the refs make sure the Lakers win game 6 (ala 2002)?
Asked By SK,Last Answer By awesomeness At 2011.04,1 Answers

The 2002 series against the Sacramento Kings...

Law students show their feelings and experiences watching traffic laws questions
Asked By bozi zhang,Last Answer By Joanna wood At 2011.06,1 Answers

Law students show their feelings and experiences watching traffic laws questions

Is it time to ask water sport questions?
Asked By Lil ole me,Last Answer By Thumper At 2011.03,1 Answers

Lakers and Cavs fans: who will win on Christmas, Lakers or Cavaliers?
Asked By Kibby,Last Answer By Mambaâ„¢ At 2011.02,1 Answers

OK. Put your team (CLE or LAL) and if your team loses, you will have to put the other team's image as your avatar for a week.

I will keep this question open until they play. SO SPREAD THE WORD. You can also *STAR*. Thanks.

I am for CLE!!!

A BASKETBALL survey, thats right all these questions are about the sport we all love?
Asked By WALTER! (Eats Kobe Beef 4 Lunc,Last Answer By ★cяιѕτιaи σƒƒιcιΠAt 2011.02,1 Answers

1. Is Jordan Hill the top 10 pick everybody forgot about? How do you think he will do as a pro?

2. How do you think Andre Miller will fit in with the Blazers?

3. With the money they freed up by trading Okafor (Chandler is expiring), which free agent can you see the Bobcats pursuing in 2010?

4. A quick edition of staying or going!
a. Carlos Boozer
b. David Lee
c. Lamar Odom
d. Glen Davis
e. Hakim Warrick

5. Do you think Milwaukee should try trading Michael Redd? Or do you honestly think they can keep him after this season? (Contract up)

STAR if you are happy I asked a basketball question! Hahaha

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