Baseball Fans: When you Talk Baseball are people surprised of your Baseball Knowledge? Related Questions

Baseball Fans: When you Talk Baseball are people surprised of your Baseball Knowledge?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By PPPPL (Release da Brackin!) At 2011.02,1 Answers

Today we in one of my classes my teacher was talking about the 20's and Baseball and was talking about Babe Ruth and Baseball stuff i knew what he was saying.

Then he asked Babe Ruth was a hitter and ___ i said Pitcher and then he said how many hr he had i said loud and fast 714 , and everyone turned around and looked at like they were surprised i knew the answer.

Baseball Fans : 1919 White Sox Throwing away the WS or Pete Rose Gambling on Baseball, Which is worse?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By ★Kimmiepants★ At 2011.02,1 Answers

In your Opinion which is worse

So Baseball Fans Spring Training is here , What did you baseball Fanatics do over the offseason?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By 123 At 2011.02,1 Answers

I have not been here since a long time . I am excited Spring Training is here :D . It was a good off season, the fact the Yankees won the WS made it more peaceful lol. Been busy with life basically . .

BQ- Who is your team playing against in their first spring training game ?

Baseball Fans : Which would you choose Baseball Related Stuff?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By Blue Eyed Angel At 2011.02,1 Answers

Baseball Fans: What are the Top 5 Reason you love Baseball?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By ♥ mimi ♥ At 2011.02,1 Answers

or why it is your Passion, your Life or whatever

Baseball fans from the Baseball section do you agree?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By [angiee] At 2011.02,1 Answers

That we should stop asking all these questions about Diva J because were giving here the satisfaction of getting mad and giving here the attention

so i think we should asking question about here
This will be my last question about here

and can any give all the links to diva j so i can block all here accounts

Baseball Fans : How about a Small Baseball Survey?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By shintalka At 2011.02,1 Answers

Have not done one in a while

1- Did you vote for the Last 2 guys to make the All Start team, who did you vote for

2- Are you happy with Inge and Victorino being the 2 guys.

3-Texiera Back in Anaheim, If they Boo him , does that mean he actually was liked in Anaheim-

4. Who do you think will Start for the NL The All Star game

5- Who do you think will Start for the AL

6- Do you like the HR derby

7- If the AL gets the Lead who would you go to get the save, Mo Rivera, Nathan or Papelbon and WHY

8- Does this upcoming series is the last series before the All Star game, How important is it.

9- So Far are you happy with your teams Record

10- In this section, do people know the team you follow

Hope you have a good Day :D

Baseball Fans: How many Want the Baseball season to Start?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By Abstract At 2011.02,1 Answers

I cant wait i have my day planned out monday 6th of April, no school for me and just Yankees v.s Baltimore in Camden Yards:]

Extra question- Is it weird to dream about a Baseball Player, i last Night i had a dream of Tim Lincecum, why i don't know:"

Why can't the Baseball Section be for asking baseball questions instead of attacking Users? + Baseball Q?
Asked By scooter_the_squirrel_agent,Last Answer By SFGiantsFan19 At 2011.02,1 Answers

Can we please get back to talking about Baseball & just ignore the nonsense & not answer their questions?

Baseball question. Which from this list do you think can do a surprise run as this season is coming to an end?

A) Angels

B) Brewers

C) Blue Jays

D) Mets.

Fans Of Baseball : Baseball is almost here but not yet how about a Survey?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By Red Sox lover At 2011.04,1 Answers

1.How did you choose your Favorite baseball player and what is something about him that makes you like him

2.Do you give the players nicknames

3. Do you have 2 teams you root for and if you how in the hell can you do that, how can you be faithful to both teams.

4. Do you check your teams Website everyday.

5. Rate your team at the Moment 1-10
1 Bad 10 amazing

6. Which games do you like better night or day.

7.Does your team have a Mascot

8. Would you change your screen name to represent your team

9. What is some thing interesting about your team's History.

10. WOW Baseball is almost here How do you feel.

Extra question- do you like my Survey .

Baseball Fans 1-10 Do you like Baseball Brawls?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By Fij At 2011.02,1 Answers

1- Not really

10- Heck Yeah! I love them :D

Baseball Fans: How serious do you take the first Baseball Game?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By *Sam = Tazawa is awesome. At 2011.02,1 Answers

Not much if they win i am happy, if they loose not so much but its just the first game and i don't start to say anything i don't become cocky or anything

BQ- What is your record so far either its 0-1 or -1-0

Baseball Fans: What do you think about People who have 2 Favorite Teams?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By Fozzy At 2011.02,1 Answers

Is the baseball section a popularity contest with cliques and unimportan baseball questions the detail
Asked By BC,Last Answer By GoBravos321 At 2011.02,1 Answers

A real legitamate questions and answers that informs you of baseball related questions

Please answer and star

Baseball Guys and Girls- Have you tried and learn more baseball to compete or impress the opposite sex.?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By (Sox Girl) At 2011.02,1 Answers

Source my Brother.... he is trying to learn about baseball because of a girl.... suddenly he is "Dodger Fan" .

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