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Just a question: If humans came from ADAM& EVE only, why are there so many different races?

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Asked at 2010.10.22 00:04:05
wouldn't there just be one race.
answer KNAYA Argentino Errante  Answered at 2010.10.22 00:04:05
The race concept is not particularly useful from the biological or sociological point of view, since all the races belong to an only biological species, Homo sapiens, and they only show small genetic variations. The culture much more constitutes an important factor at the time of determining the conduct and style of life of the different human groups. The term race is controversial by the slight knowledge of superiority and inferiority that takes implicit. The race constituted the justification to implant the state of slavery, the social persecution of minorities and other groups, like the one of the Jewish town during Nazi Germany, or the system of apartheid in South Africa. Historically, the physical anthropologists had divided to the humanity, taking care of to their morphologic characteristics, in three great subdivisions or races: negroide, mongoloide and caucasiana. Some scientists were further on adding amerindian and the South Sea islander. Like biological concept, the race was more evident when the differences made reference to the morphologic characteristics, like the pigmentación of the skin, the color, forms and thickness of the hair, the form of the nose or the corporal structure. The appearance of the genetic analysis wine to refute this idea. Before this definition, the classification of the races depended on a combination of geographic, ecological and morphologic factors. In second half of century XX, the investigations on the frequency allocations of genes invalidó this approach. To conceive clear borders between the different races was possible from the morphologic point of view, but the use of the genetic analysis demonstrated that the hereditary variants were indifferent to such boundaries, allowing to the races to intermingle itself through other intermediate forms. , today at sight of its mobility and interrelation every greater time, its infinite number is clear. The concept of race, invalidado by the modern genetic investigation, has not disappeared absolutely. Some scholars still use it; nevertheless, many experts advise against it, even like scientific idea, due to their political connotations and to the height that are having some racist ideologies in some countries of western Europe.
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