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Should humans be classified as different "races"?

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Asked at 2010.10.22 00:03:32
As I was filling out the beginning of a test form, the question that I have thought about since I was a kid popped up at me once more - the question of race. This question has been on almost every form that I have ever filled, and though I don't understand the purpose of the question, they ask, and I must answer. I'm white, an Arab-American to be exact, but my skin is white. The form gives me about five choices white (Caucasian), Asian, African American, Hispanic, and Pacific Islander. This almost completely categorized every ethnic group... but my own - Arab. Since I was a KID I thought about where I fit in, where I belonged on this list, so inaudibly organized. Then I thought to myself "this list is bullshit", and it is. I realized that we are all one. This experience sparked an interest so I wrote an essay on how classifying humans as a subspecies is incorrect. My professor (who seems to be very much discriminative ) said that my essay is irrelevant. What do you think? Is placing different ethnic groups in categories ignorant? Or, is the fact that we all are really separated, by something as simple as skin color, normal?
answer FallingAngel  Answered at 2010.10.22 00:03:32
There is no biological basis for race, it is merely a social construct.
There are no scientific reasons to separate our species into categories. In order to truly separate people into "races" we would have to basically give each person their own racial category- that is how much genetic material is shared among humans.
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