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Why did I dream about my Pet Spider killing off all the Presidential Candidates?

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donelle g. 
Asked at 2010.10.22 00:02:09
Last night I had this dream that I had a cute pet spider. Then he ran away & started killing off all of the Presidential Candidates. He would come back home after each death & want to be petted, which I did. Then somehow everybody on Yahoo Answers found out that it was MY SPIDER who was responsible.Yikes! You guys started threatening to step on him. I swore to protect him with my life. THEN....I found one of the stray cats I look after near death. I asked him what happened. He meowed real sadly & said...."Spider".

Then I didn't know what to do, because I still wanted to protect the spider, but I was mad at him. Then I woke up.

What did this strange dream mean?
answer astrogoodwin  Answered at 2010.10.22 00:02:09
If you hang around and befriend and even try to protect a person who tends to have a lot of venom in them and tends to use it on others, you may find that they will eventually use it on those close to you. One can not be protective of those that are full of hate and always lashing out at anyone they may find unpleasing. It is always a good idea to be careful who you associate with. Protecting negative type people can expose yourself to negative energy and potential harm. Presidential candidates often rub people the wrong way, as do many people with strong opinions. Negative type people often don't want to listen to those that disagree with them even in small ways. They are often not fond of powerful people, since they are into being controlling not controlled. One does not want the innocent (the cat) to be harmed because you allowed this type of person to get to close to you. Meditate/pray, exercise, and eat healthy, so that you will stay spiritually strong so as to be able to keep negative individuals from getting too close to you, and to draw into your life positive type friends and relationships.
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