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Is it better for humans to mix races?

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Laura Beth 
Asked at 2010.10.21 23:58:36
If the cheetah is endangered because its gene pool is so small, wouldn't it be good to have more genetic variation? If you're going to choose a mate, you'd want someone different than yourself so you're not inbreeding. So what better way than to mix races? Mutts are healthier than full breeds.
answer hdensley  Answered at 2010.10.21 23:58:36
Good point, pure breeds (dogs) are often sick because their gene pool is not diverse enough. Many animals can breed because they have not evolved to a point where they are a separate species (race) - case in point, donkeys can mate with horses. Human share 99% of the same genetic material with chimps, but we can't breed together anymore.

As for dog breeding, I whole heartily agree, it's better to mix things up.

In regards to humans, there's really no genetic difference in the extra 1% we don't share with chimps. The traditional concept of race is very unfortunate and misguided.

As long as you don't marry first or second cousins, things should be ok. :)

Personally I would define a race as anything that can't interbreed.
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