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Do you know this about spider's web ?

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Asked at 2010.10.19 21:49:47
If you take one pound of cob webs and spread them out in one straight line, it will go around the earth 2 times.
On an equal weight basis, spider silk is twice as strong as steel and very elastic.
The weight of insects eaten by spiders every year is greater than the total weight of the entire human population.
Most spiders have eight simple eyes.
There are now about 35,000 named species of spiders worldwide.
The combined length of thread in a spider's web is about 20-60 m and it can take the spider up to 3 hours to make an average sized web
answer malar  Answered at 2010.10.19 21:49:47
10 q 4 ur in4mation bout de spider's web...
it's really helpin me 2 improve my knwledge...
very interestin n useful
terima kaseh......(means = 10 q )
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