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If a hole/portal/rip suddenly opened up in front of you, would you step through it...?

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Innocuous pen... 
Asked at 2010.09.01 20:42:19
Bear in mind, you would not know what was on the other side (instant death maybe), or whether you could get back.
Would you step through, or just let it close again, and spend the rest of your life wondering...?
answer faithless  Answered at 2010.09.01 20:42:19
Very interesting question... it gets to the heart of people's beliefs...

I am not necessarily talking about God. No, I am talking about whether people believe in circumstance, fate, destiny... meaning.

My initial reaction, as would most people's, would be "What the hell is that?"
A normal response, wouldn't you agree?
Then after? Well, that depends on the individual, and their beliefs (as mentioned above).

There are over six and a half billion people on this planet so I would be thinking, "Why me? Why did it choose me?"
In that respect, personally, I would be inclined to think if such a thing opened up before me, it was meant to be - a purposeful thing if you will.

I would be too over-awed to be scared, and while hesitant at first, my intrigue would win over my cowardice: I would step through.

It would simply be something too great to ignore, and while instant death is a possibility, the "not knowing" aspect would be a bigger killer - something that would eat away at me all my life.
We all die right, so why not die experiencing something that no human has experienced before - even if it is for five seconds?

I understand many will be scared, I understand many will think of their families, and have fear of the unknown; maybe some have faith in their God to guide them away from the "evil portal" (but how do they know this isn't their God's work?).
I, on the other hand, have no family or friends so would rather take that leap than spend my life wondering.

Maybe my circumstances influence my answer, but that is the point I am making about people and their beliefs... and I reiterate, this is a very interesting question - almost some kind of psychology test...
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