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How Would You Feel If People were Judging You Because Of Your Autistic Child ?

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Asked at 2010.08.19 20:04:24
Hi..My twin son is nine and has severe autism, he also cannot speak and in nappies. when i am out with him and he is having one of his moments like screaming and throwing himself on the floor, how would you feel if people were tutting at you and telling you that he needed controling better, just want some opinions, as i have come to the conclusion that i should'nt have to explain to anyone, but if they wanted to know what was wrong instead of being so judgemental i would tell them .
answer dee g  Answered at 2010.08.19 20:04:24
You don't have to waste a breath on these people. It to bad in our world today people dont like to see anything out of the "norm". whatever that really is. Don't worry about the narrow minds people. You have enough on your plate. My son has a learning disablity and I find most of the parents from my sons class are very rude to him. He's not invited to parties or play dates. I gave up on inviting kids over because they were never allowed. And all my son has is a processing disorder. So he has a hard time reading. thats it. But its like the parents think it would rub of on the child. I find it so heartbreaking. And next year I'm home schooling him. He's home again today with a stomach ache. Sorry you just gave me a chance to vent to. Hope you have a wonderful day.
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