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Live or Pre-Killed...which?

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Asked at 2010.01.19 17:09:34
I have fed my Ball, Michaelangelo "Mikey", Pre-killed for his entire life. but Recently, a very experienced Herper has told me it is beter to feed him Live food. Now, i asked Mikey's Vet, and the Vet said "NO! in no way shape or form try to feed him live food", and he went into the risk of the prey item fighting back and hurting my snake. But The Herper went into this whole thing about him hunting and the wild and on and on. Now, i listen to my vet, i pay him enough, and will continue Mikey's PRe-killed meals.. but i am still curious, Is there sum true advantage to feeding live as opposed to Pree-killed food?
answer actnow  Answered at 2010.01.19 17:09:34
There is not much nutritional difference between Live and Pre-Killed. Either method is fine.

There is a risk of a snake getting injured when feeding live - so you will need to watch it very very carefully if you use this method.

There are instances when a snake just wouldn't eat pre-killed. Live feedings are appropriate in these cases.

Really, it all depends on what you feel comfortable with. I feed live to my ball pythons because I raise my own rats and it is easier to feed them live and if they won't eat that week (as they often will do), the rat gets put back with his family to live another week. But, my western hognose, being an opportunistic feeder, will not eat live, so I have to pre-kill.

Since your snake is already eating pre-killed, there is no reason why you should switch him to something else.
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