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Anyone have a good TRUE story?

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Asked at 2010.01.17 07:13:40
like a story of when your horse passed away, and you saw something that let u know he/shewas okay?

or like one where you were looking for a horse and you met one and you knew he/she was made to be YOUR horse?

or any other heartwarming stories?
answer mindy r  Answered at 2010.01.17 07:13:40
my horse picked me, i didn't want him. sure i liked him ok but i never dreamed i would love this horse like i do.

i got brandy earlier this year, previously i had tried and tried to convince my friend not to buy him. sure he was beautiful, and had quite the personality but he was a rouge, a loose cannon, a RANK horse. brandy did it all, struck, kicked, bite, reared, bucked, shied, etc. i fought with that horse all of the fall and winter, all the while trying to convince my friend to get rid of him. well after a while me and brandy devloped a bit of a rapport. i knew him, he knew me. i tried not to like the old fella but i did anyway. he improved pretty rapidly, even got to where he was ridable. then his owner had to get rid of him. i still didnt want brandy but i took him to pay my friends board debts, she had no other way to pay me back for a years worth of food, board, medical, training. i planned to sell him or give him away to a rescue, i even emailed a few rescues and each time there was no room at the inn for an old cranky quarter horse gelding. i was torn, despite my best efforts i liked B, and brandy liked me. then something happened-

i had brandy out, letting him graze nearby as i worked another horse. b had been getting the shaft lately when it came to my time and this mare hated to ride alone- hence why she was here. i had been seeing big improvements in the mare, just so long as a horse was in sight she could be ridden when before she was virtually wild. i didnt think much of this ride, i was almost done heading back down the rail to put her up when it happened. a passing car threw an entire packet of firecrackers at my mare. she spooked and bolted, i almost had her under control when she decided to jump out of the arena instead of stop. i had little choice, the spot she choose was between the field fencing and a horse trailer and i was unbalanced. so i choose to fall and i landed badly seriously injuring myself (transverse fractured T12, L1-5, and have a hairline fracture of the sacrum) the mare trotted off ok. well brandy did the craziest thing, as i lay there brandy ran up to the arena. he couldnt get in the gate was shut. as my better half came to catch the mare and check me brandy blasted by him. that old cranky fool ran to my side like he thought he could help. when hubby went to catch him brandy tried to kick him. then the old bugger bit the snot out of him. brandy hadn't bit anyone in at least 8 months and hadnt tried to kick in almost a year. poor B fought and squealed to try to stay by me. no one could move him so they gave up. by then the paramedics arrived ( a passerby stopped to help us so i was stable by this point) B would not let them in the arena. i have no clue what he thought he was going to do but no one was getting by him. it took 2 people to get him out of the arena and i had to talk to brandy the whole time. hubby not wanting to leave me just tied brandy up and that horse untied himself. gate was shut again so brandy did what he did best- kicked. he torn and hit and kicked at the arena panels, fully intending to break through them to get to me. so hubby had to leave to put him up. brandy was back in the pasture but not out of comission yet. at this time they were trying to move me onto an airsplint for transport-well that was horribly painful. so much so all i could do was howl an scream and pant. brandy did not like this at all- he tried to tear the fencing down to get to me again- he even bit a paramedic who got too close to him. by now brandy was a lunatic- screaming for me, attacking the fenceline, just going berzerk. they took me away and i can still hear that horses screams, you would have though someone was murdering him from the sounds of it.

i was in the hospital for a day and on my way back home i made them drive me to see brandy ( its at my house about 300 feet from my front door) poor guy hadnt eaten at all since i was gone, no one could halter him he just ran the fenceline. we pulled up and i hollared out of the car for him, if a horse could grin he would have been smiling ear to ear. funny enough now that he knew i was back, he returned to his same old self- practically ran out of the field, draggin his handler behind him to see me. he would have climbed into the car if he could. i only stayed long enough for him to eat some food. which he had to eat where he could see me. i couldnt go out again to see him for about a month but he started eating again.

i had someone wheel me out to see him last week and he just stood there, right by me soaking up every little bit of attention he could get. i dont think i'll be getting rid of him now, im smitten. he might be old and cranky but hes a fine horse and genle as a lamb now. as for me i'll be ok, might have some nerve damage in my right leg but at least im alive and i can walk. never seen anything quite like that, i guess he just decided i was his person and thats that. horses truly are something special and sometimes you find the best ones in unexpected places.
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