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What kind of fish can live in a bottle or vase?

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Asked at 2010.01.17 05:15:45
i've seen this done with betas in people's offices, in like an expanded wine bottle or small vase. anything else i need to know? only betas can live like this?
answer Finatic  Answered at 2010.01.17 05:15:45
Actually, no fish should be housed in bottles or vases including bettas.

For several years, betta splenden were marketed in vases and other unsuitable containers containing plants with dangling roots. This was a trend and one that I had hoped had become extinct.

Betta splenden are anabatids and carnivores. Anabatids have the ability to breathe surface air. This ability was an evolutionary event that provided the betta to survive in the tropical waters of its native land. Oxygen is less plentiful in warm water and the ability to breathe surface air permits betta to survive in its native lands where water temperatures can reach 90F. Also, bettas eat insects and insect larvae. They will only nibble on plant roots as an alternative to starvation.

As more and more people experienced betta death when keeping these fish in vases/bowls/bottles, research showed the cause: inappropriate living conditions.

While bettas have been known to survive such horrific conditions, they certainly do not thrive!!

Ideally, a betta should be kept in nothing smaller than a 2.5 gallon tank with a heater and light filter. A 5 gallon tank is even better......

Bettas do NOT live in small muddy holes. Bettas are native to calf deep waters of rice paddies, slow moving streams, ponds and lakes in Cambodia, Thailand, Viet Nam and Laos. There is a "dry spell" in these regions where water does evaporate leaving small puddles, and many bettas die during this time. When the rain begins to fall again after about 6 weeks, the water levels again rise, the surviving fish become active again, mate and repopulate.
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