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A good fish for a 10 gallon tank?

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Asked at 2010.01.17 05:15:37
plz answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
answer catx  Answered at 2010.01.17 05:15:37
10 gallons is hard to stock as it's relatively tiny in fish tank standards. fish like 99% of the tetras and all danios are far too active for a 10 gallon and need more space to swim.

there are fish suitable, but they should not grow larger than 2" in length and either be very small or be fairly inactive. such as betta splendens, the smaller gouramis such as honey and sparkling (which shouldn't be kept with bettas), the tiny livebearers endlers, male guppies only (10 gallons is too small to breed guppies and females are larger than males). and several other options. check the link below for lots more.
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