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Why are fish dying in the aquarium? No sign of sickness?

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Mike L 
Asked at 2010.01.17 05:14:39
Tank Setup:
- 20 gallon
- Penguin Biowheel 200

Tank Age:
- 1 Year (fully cycled)

Last Fish Added:
- 2 1/2 months ago

- Biowheel (never changed as directed by the manufacturer)
- Filter replaced 1ce per month. (as directed by the manufacturer)

Current Conditions of the tank:
- Ammonia 0
- Nitrate 0
- PH 7.0
(level checked with a kit, then also tested professionally at the fish store I use on thursday. This is 100% accurate, so please don't argue that it's wrong)
- Temperature is 77 degrees

Tank Maintenance:
- 25% water change every week. The water that is being added is tap water treated with a de-chlorinator the day before to ensure there is no chlorine in the tank when the new water is added.

Fish Food:
- Fed once a day, enough that all the food is gone within 2 minutes. Flakes 5x a week, Blood worms 2x a week.

- 4 tetras, juvenile red tail, juvenile clown loach, 4 molly's.

Died in the last 7 days:
- shark, molly, loach, then 2 molly's this morning.
answer Still learning  Answered at 2010.01.17 05:14:39
Did you switch food recently, new brand or something along those lines? Have you changed any of your normal patterns such as when the lights go off and on for the tank? How long have you had your water conditioner? Mine went bad once and I was having problems with the water because the water treater, I use AquaSafe water conditioner, with bio extract, spoiled in the summer heat, it had a really unusual smell but I paid no attention, then some of my fish died before I thought to buy a new bottle. Do you have some sort of aeration, as the fish get bigger they require more Oxygen, this means the fish could live together for a few months, then as their body mass increased so did their need for oxygen, which in turn depleted the levels in the tank, which would lead to oxygen deficiency, which would lead to death. Or you may have aeration but is your bubbler at just a slow bubble, you may need to clean your airstone/curtain.
I know that my answers are far fetched but you seem to have the perfect tank, don't know what the true answer is but hopefully through me or someone else you figure out this cause.
P.s once you do, would you mind emailing me telling me what you find out.
[email protected] dot com
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