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Anyone feel the same as I do about Betta fish?

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Pairah Normel 
Asked at 2010.01.17 05:11:23
I've always felt sorry for them, just floating there with their fins drooping, faded in color and stationary in a tiny bowl. When I say anything about how sad they look, I get some jackass in my face about how they're from asia and they like little teeny ponds, you can't put them with other fish, this is how they're happy, etc.

I looked this up. Turns out I was right, Betta fish loving being enclosed in a tiny space is a myth thought up by petstores and fish dealers. They are found in huge bodies of water with colors 10x as vibrant, with other fish, etc. The tiny puddle thought process originated from the fact that they can jump from puddle to puddle to get somewhere.

Now I just see miserable fish every time I see them. What a wasted life for a little innocent fish that wants to swim. Does ANYONE look at Bettas and feel sorry for them? Did anyone else know they're not actually supposed to be cooped up like that?
answer wherewhenwhatwhywho  Answered at 2010.01.17 05:11:23
I do now. Thanks for the interesting information.
alvin189 Answered at 2022.03.10 11:04:02
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