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What would be a good starter fish for a 5 gallon aquarium?

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Asked at 2010.01.17 05:10:49
I am disappointed about the fish I bought last week. I have a 5 gallon tank. I bought 3 dwarf gourami fish with the advice of a worker at a petstore. Sadly 1 is dead and 1 is about dead. I have one left. I am going to take him back since now I have heard that he will grow to big for this tank. Grrr I have read how to cycle my aquarium and plan on doing so for a few weeks. I don't want alot of fish but just a couple and I just want to know what I should get for this small aquarium? I like the tropical fish best. Should I add any salt to the aquarium when having these type of fish?
answer lemonnpuff  Answered at 2010.01.17 05:10:49
WOW! Okay... salt first... I personally recommend salt at a salinity level of .10 to .20. A tablespoon per five gallons of unsalted water will acheive this. DO NOT salt an already salted aquarium. Salt does not filter out once it is disolved. Only a water change can get it out. Salt the water you are using for the water change to ensure a safe and stable salinity level.

Why Salt? In lamens terms, it helps the fish breath easier, replaces lost minerals, aggitates the skin so the fish produces a thicker slime coat to ward off pests and disease, and it kills some paracites, such as ICH. High salinity salt baths are often recommended by fish experts to aide a dying fish as well.

I would recommend round bodied tetras for your tank. Long bodied fish need long tanks, as they are shaped and made for distance and speed when swiming. Ever see a fish swimming up the sides of the tank? They're stressing out from a lack of space.

Types of fish, no more than three... black or gold skirt tetras. Red minor tetras, black phantom tetras, bleeding heart tetras, x-ray belly tetras, white-tipped tetras, lemon tetras.

My absolute favorite fish of all time for small tanks is the adorable little pink and black Harlequin rhasbora. Or the Rhasbora heteromorpha in some places.

just an aside you may ignore.... In the hobby of aquarium keeping, it is always advised that you keep your fish is optimum conditions. Many fish may survive in less than optimum environments and water qualities for thier species. However, please remember, there is a difference between thirving and surviving.

Welcome to the hobby, you're a good soul and you'll do just fine. HAPPY FISH KEEPING!
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