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Will certain type of aquarium fish kill other types of aquarium fish?

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Asked at 2010.01.17 05:08:34
Cause i already have three fish but i want more and i want another type to make it look cool in my fish tank!
answer Corinne  Answered at 2010.01.17 05:08:34
Oh Yes! Barbs, Angel Fish, and the like will eat others but its very easy to get a very nice community tank full of different fish. Any pet store should tell you and most of then have info on the tank that tells the aggression or community level of the fish type so you don't even have to ask. Of course keeping them all the same approximate size helps also but be aware you will still lose the occasional fish and if one dies and you don't scoop it out they will eat it also. Also, be very careful where you buy fish from also. If the tanks are dirty and such the fish most likely will be to and you risk bringing infection into a community tank and losing everything. Recommend a quarantine tank for a while to be extra sure you have good fish but if you cant to that make sure there are no sores, spots, lost scales, white spots, tucked fins etc that indicate a sick fish.

All in all, Yes, communal tanks are fine. I kept goldfish and sharks together and happy ;-)
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