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Little madeline mccann has gone missing and gets world wide exposure.?

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Asked at 2010.01.14 03:04:09
Why do all the other missing babies and children never get heard of what makes the mccanns so special when it was their own fault for leaving her alone,and the have a fund set up to keep them in portugal(in their own property i think) when shes a doctor and hes a cardiologist earning loads of cash. i would never leave my babies like that.
answer de_falla  Answered at 2010.01.14 03:04:09
I have much sympathy for Madeline McCann, but very little for the parents. They are well educated with a joint income of many thousands of pounds. They were babysitters available in the resort at a cost; the McCann’s chose not to use them. Mr McCann said leaving the children in the apartment to go for a meal, was just like having a meal in their garden with children in the house. Well I for one beg to differ; these are both highly educated people with responsible positions in society. Their respective positions call for them to make decisions affecting the lives of people on a daily basis, those decisions I expect are made using their medical knowledge. The decision to leave their child unattended was nothing other than a lack common sense and must raise question of their judgment. How would the media treated the McCann’s if they had been an unmarried couple living on benefits who had left the children and gone across the road to the pub. I suspect that the local paper would have reported it and if the big dailies had pick it up they would have been pilloried. Social Services would have gone round the next day and removed any other children from their control.
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