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Madeleine McCann SUSPICIOUS?

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Rebecca S 
Asked at 2010.01.14 03:02:21
I cant the believe the parents arnt suspects thay are so shifty and and another thing they are sending there twins to a portugese nursery im sorry but if your daughter had just been kidnapped theres no way youd even leave your other children alone with family and friends let alone portugeuse strangers and its very suspicious how much they are pushing the campaign to try and take the heat off them and seeing the pope was VERY uniproppriate people go missing everyday and family and friends lives and ruined forever and ther hearts are ripped out and they will do anything to find there loved one and so would i but the pope was un called for. And im sorry even if u arnt an emotional person you would cry or show signs of upset when faced with a loss.

For Madeleines sake i hope that the parents speak soon and tell the truth but if Madeleine is later found kidnapped i apologise to the McCanns and otheres for my accusations i hope im wrong and hope shes safe.
answer Black  Answered at 2010.01.14 03:02:21
Another true story. Everyone knows at this stage that the parents were and are still very wrong in everything they do. It is getting more and more fishy as time goes on. I don't believe a word of anything anymore. They have no feelings just lies.
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