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WHY does music effect plant growth?

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Asked at 2010.01.09 20:56:41
i need to know WHY not how.

please and thank you
answer $Billy Ray$ Valentine  Answered at 2010.01.09 20:56:41
...Good Lord, do I even want to attempt to enter a cat fight?..LOL

Yes, music does effect plant growth. Not in the sense that it makes it grow really fast or tall, but it will cause the plant to "strengthen" its stem and branches. The vibrations created by the music (if it's loud enough) is like a common occurrence in nature. The vibrations mimic the blowing wind. All plants have the ability to transport fluids into their cell structure for the purpose of "toughening" or "strengthening" up their stems and branches. This causes the swelling of these fluid filled cells and gives the plant or tree the ability to withstand strong winds. This swelling, will help prevent the wind from snapping or breaking the tree in half (to a point). Hurricanes & tornadoes don't count! Iam surprised that nobody has heard, that if you walk over to your plants, grab the stem and gently shake them back and forth for a few seconds every day, they will grow thicker and stronger...

...To elaborate on "Squids" comment. It wouldn't be very practical for a farmer to have several boom boxes scattered about the orchards blasting Snoop Dog's greatest hits (fruit trees only "get down" to 60's rock & roll and grapevines are only "serenaded" by the sounds of Joan Baez). It "will" make a difference, but not enough to warrant such a crazy act. And besides, mother nature does it for us with her windy days, much to the thankfulness of the farmers... Hope this answers your question.

$Billy Ray$
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