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Wisdom teeth?

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Asked at 2010.01.06 00:26:03
I am having my two bottom wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow. They are impacted so they are going to cut them out. I am having IV sedation. If anybody has had this experience I would appreciate it if you could post it and/or give me some advice. Thanks!
answer bsbangel180  Answered at 2010.01.06 00:26:03
Hey! I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted last summer, the bottom 2 which were impacted. I also had IV sedation! Don't worry about it! When you go into the doctor, they will sit you in a chair (which is pretty comfy) and usually talk to you. You'll be hooked up to a few monitors, for me they attached one to my ankle, my finger, and my wrist. They will also most likely strap you down (this isn;t as scary as it sounds, they just want to make sure you don't accidentally move during the surgery. It's for your own safety and really isn't that scary). For the arm that you'll get the IV in, they will strap that down and rest it on a comfortable pillow. Once you're all ready, they'll give you a shot (not an IV). This is the anestia, and makes you really, really tired like..instantly. I honestly only remember a shot and then a few seconds later I was alseep. Usually the surgery will go very nicely, and you won't even realize it happened to you!

Once you wake up, you'll be very, very tired and maybe dizzy, too. My doctor told me I woke up (after the surgery) like 3 times and kept falling back to sleep haha! Just rest in the chair for as long as you need to, they're usually very nice about that.

Make sure you have someone to take you home! Not only can't you drive, but you'll be exhausted. So make sure to have a friend or family member make sure you get home safely :)

As for the post-op, you won't be in much pain until the anesthia wears off, but then it starts to really hurt. Make sure you put ice on it (my doctor told me to get a back of frozen peas and use that) to reduce the swelling, and take some pain medication. My doctor prescribed me Vicadon, but I didn't want to take anythin that strong, so I took both Tylenol and Advil. If you're in a lot of pain, though, feel free to take whatever your doctor gave you as long as you follow his or her instructions :)

When you first get home (and for the next few days), you'll be asked to pack your mouth with gauze to stop the bleeding. It's a bit annoying, but it also sometimes feels better when you apply pressure to the wounds. You can take them out when you eat, but don't be too scared if there seems to be a lot of blood.

It may be hard to eat for a while, so stick to simple things. Nothing too hot in the beginning, I mostly had mashed potatoes and lukewarm soup! But you can have things like applesauce and yogurt, too. Smoothies are also good. Just make sure you do NOT use a straw for ANYTHING! This case mess up the clots your teeth need to heal, and can lead to an infection.

All in all, the not eating is the worst part, but you should get better soon. I was eating solid foods again by the end of the week, and I had all 4 done!

One thing: Most likely, your face will get really, really swollen on the 3rd day (but it usually hurts less and less each day). If you put ice on it pretty often, it should help, but don't get scared if you wake up and look like a squirrel with nuts in your mouth haha.

I know a few other people who have gotten this procedure done, including a few cousins, and it's really not terrible. You'll be a little uncomfortable for a few days and will start dying for McDonalds, but all in all, you'll survive.

Best of luck tomorrow and get well soon!

-Christina :)

ps: You can also check for information, I'm sure they'll have something!
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