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Wild Thornberrys or Rugrats Wildlife Rescue Games?  

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Asked at 2010.01.05 02:58:28
I used to play the Australian Wildlfe Rescue Game (Wild Thornberrys) and the Rugrats Wildlife Rescue Game on They are no longer on that site. Is there any other sites where i can play these games WITHOUT downloading free trials or buying them.
answer Napoleon Dynamite  Answered at 2010.01.05 02:58:28
actually, they both are still there. you just have to look hard!
is the rugrats game,

is the wild thornberrys game.

to find them, i typed 'rescue' in the search box at

have fun! :D i love these games.
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answer icenite  Answered at 2011.08.07 00:19:43
i wanna play it.
answer 173.238.27.* Answered at 2012.04.21 09:20:33
Also, according to google, you can play it on facebook.
answer 184.155.187.* Answered at 2012.07.20 01:15:46
didnt work for me either!!!
answer 50.151.187.* Answered at 2013.02.12 15:58:39
Neither of these are on the site, there are only 14 games with the word rescue and most of them are avatar games and none of them are the rugrats or thornberry's games
answer 71.30.33.* Answered at 2013.03.14 13:15:02
That is no longer true. They are not there anymore. I clicked on the websites you provided and it no longer takes you to them. Now what?
answer SmallFox  Answered at 2016.04.05 21:39:27
Tell the staff. If we have enough people wanting the game back they should replace it on nick. Tell everyone to do this. Keep doing it. Make it a problem, eventually they need to fix every problem, Right?
xiaojun11 Answered at 2016.11.11 08:41:32
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