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What is the best ever board game?

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Nikhil S 
Asked at 2010.01.03 05:36:48
What do you think is the best board game ever made. It could be a simple game or a gam eyou play for hours on end. Tell me now.
answer techwizrd22  Answered at 2010.01.03 05:36:48
it depends, i don't have one I have lots of favorites. but I gotta say that its chess, Monopoly, life, and much much more. chess is a thinking game you have to make moves and think ahead of your opponent it awesome. Monopoly is also fun you buy properties and when you get three of a kind you build house and stuff and conquer the area the object is to get the person bank riped. Life is about life! and you get to go to college or career and the person with the most money wins but during the game theres cards that say you gotta pay because your house went on fire its also good. I have to say my favorite is Chess though. hope this helps. good luck!!!!!!!!! I like chess because its fun and it doesn't take as long as monopoly. hope im not boring you. if your looking for additional games i suggest parcheesi, risk, trivial pursuit, scene it, or cranium for kids candy land. theres also sorry and trouble but thats kinda kidish also and theres scrabble a word game thats pretty good. good luck!!!!!!!!
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