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Michael Jackson Fans only?

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MJForever [SANTA] 
Asked at 2009.12.23 05:40:09
Here's a game! write a message that you would give to Michael or a little story but you have to use song names in it!

for Example:
Michael, i just can't stop loving you because you always wanted to heal the world....and so on...
answer MJ; Gone Too Soon<3  Answered at 2009.12.23 05:40:09
'Dear Michael',
The fact you've 'Gone Too Soon' makes me 'Cry', 'I can't help it'. We hoped 'Heaven Can Wait', but it couldn't, so you had to say 'Goodbye Cruel World', and though your fans said 'Don't Leave Me Now', you had to 'Fly Away'. I hope you're 'Happy' that now 'You are there', there in Heaven, that would make us 'Smile'. You told us that 'We are the world', you hoped for people to 'Come Together', you wanted to 'Heal The world', and for the world you put on the 'Greatest show on Earth', of all 'History', great enough to give anyone 'Butterflies'. The media haven't seen your 'Childhood', and don't know you're just a man 'With a Child's Heart'. My 'Lonely Teardrops' don't compare at all to the pain you must've felt, when you said 'Leave Me Alone', they didn't 'Stop', tried to cause 'Trouble', gave you no 'Privacy', and you hoped people wouldn't become 'Tabloid Junkie's. They lied and said you were 'Dangerous', that you were 'Bad', but don't worry, 'What Goes Around Comes Around.'. I know 'It's Too Late To change The Time', but 'Whatever Happens', whatever the haters may 'Say Say Say', 'I'll Be there'. Your music is 'Invincible', and if anyone asks 'Is there anybody out there?' whose pop music is better, the answer is no. I 'Remember the time' I first listened to 'Speechless', 'I Never Heard' anything so beautiful before, it's no wonder 'I just can't stop loving you'. Do you look at the 'Man In the Mirror', and think 'This is the man' whose 'Dreams' were to 'Heal the world'. Though it may just be 'Human Nature', 'I have this dream', someday, 'I wanna be where you are'. 'Even though you're gone', I'll try to 'Keep the faith', I love you,
God Bless You<3

Edit: Thanks MJ Obsession, so's yours x
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