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What should be the amount of independent work

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Provision of the volume and forms of students' independent work at the lesson and its focus on the development of their independence.
-. Determination of forms and methods of consolidation of the
The determination of the forms and methods for consolidation of the acquired knowledge and skills for using at the lesson and at home, the methods for generalization and systematization of knowledge.
-Drafting a list of students whose knowledge will be tested by appropriate forms and methods, taking into account their level of formation; planning the testing of students' skills.
- Determination of the content, volume, and forms of homework; thinking through the method of homework assignment. 15.
- Planning forms of summarizing the lesson. 16.
- Recording the plan and progress of the lesson according to the requirements.

- An organizational moment, characterized by external
and internal (psychological) readiness of pupils for the lesson.
- Checking up homework.
- Checking up the knowledge and skills of students to prepare for
a new topic.
- Setting goals for the students.
-Organization of perception and comprehension of new information, i.e. assimilation of initial knowledge.
- Initial comprehension check.
- Organization of assimilation of methods of activity by means of reproduction of information and exercises in applying it (including change of variants).
including change of variants) according to a sample.
-Creative application and obtaining of knowledge, mastering of ways of activity by solving problem tasks built on the basis of previously learned knowledge and skills.
- Generalization of what is being studied at the lesson and its introduction into the system
generalization of what has been learnt at the lesson and its integration into the system of previously acquired knowledge.
- Control over results of learning activities by teacher and students, evaluation of knowledge.
- Set homework for the next lesson.
- Summing up the lesson.
The progress of a nation depends entirely on
progress in education.
The classic medium of instruction is the textbook. The book
not only provides a realistic and expansive view of the material being taught
The classic means of education is the textbook.
The learner is able to repeat what he or she has heard in class,
The book also allows the student to repeat what he or she has heard in the classroom and to familiarize him or herself with the details of the material.
For many decades (or maybe even centuries) teachers have been using muzzles in the classroom.
centuries) teachers have been using plaques of birds, collections of insects, and herbaria. Posters have also become an integral part of the learning process.
an integral part of the teaching process are also posters and charts. They allow students to visualize objects of study and increase their interest in a particular problem.
of a particular problem. Over the past 20 years, printouts of textual material that teachers prepare in advance have become widespread.

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