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What type of mold is the most dangerous?

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Asked at 2020.10.17 15:30:52
type of mold is the most dangerous
darnellmsmith0 Answered at 2020.10.17 15:31:31
There are about 100,000 types of mold in the world, some of which are relatively harmless. But these are the types of mold that can pose a health risk to people.

Aspergillus – it is one of the most common types of mold that is present mostly everywhere, although they are most harmful to immunocompromised individuals. It can cause a serious infection called aspergillosis, which can cause fever, difficulty of breathing, chest pain, and sometimes even cough with blood.

Chaetomium – highly similar to black mold, this type of mold often causes general allergic symptoms such as difficulty of breathing and red, watery eyes. Serious cases may include neurological damage.

Stachybotrys – commonly known as “black mold”, Stachybotrys is often regarded as the most dangerous mold. Just like other molds, it usually causes general allergy or flu-like symptoms, but severe cases may also present with diarrhea, severe respiratory dysfunction, and memory loss.

Mold growth in your home, no matter the color, can still be detrimental to your health and of your loved ones. It’s important to call mold remediation experts such as All Star Mold Removal before the problem escalates. They have several branches across major cities so they can come visit you right away.
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