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Asked at 2019.11.07 22:08:58 ff, one of the passengers heard a tickling sound. More surprised, he looked at the man sitting next to him, because the sound seemed to come from him.

The second partner smiled with a big smile and said: "Oh, it's not a bomb, it's just my heart".

In addition, he said and assured, just 21 days before, that I had undergone an operation that included putting a plastic valve in my heart. The tingling sound, he explained, would continue for several minutes until the new tissue grew on the artificial valve. The first travel companion asked him what he was going to do.

"Oh," he said, "I have big plans, I'm going to study law when I go back to my country, I hope to be in government work some day, the doctors tell me to take it easy for a few months, but after that, I'll be like new. "

There are two ways to solve health problems. The first, who was not even sure he had something organically wrong with him, was worried, depressed, on the road to defeat, wanting someone to back his motion so he could not move on. The second individual, after undergoing one of the most difficult operations, was optimistic, eager to do something. The difference lies in how they thought about health: - Attitude about health!

Therefore, it is warned that "diabetes or any other ailment related to lifestyle is a physical condition, but the greatest harm is the result of having a negative attitude towards it, worry and may have a real problem" .

There are two types of people; who has a very mild case belongs to that fraternity of the
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