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"I'm sorry, I love you" What is the specific story?

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Adah George 
Asked at 2011.06.13 01:41:03
"I'm sorry, I love you" What is the specific story?
answer bozi zhang  Answered at 2011.06.13 01:41:03
Topic: I'm sorry I love you Korean drama diversity integrated area: South Korea Type: modern urban love Length: sixth episode Director: Li Heng Min Screenwriter: Li Qingxi Cast: So Ji Sub - Wu He Lin Xiujing decorated car - decorated Songen color Zheng Jinghao - decorated Choi Yun-Xu Zhiying - Choi Min Chu Kang decorated True Friends - Man Chi-Ying Li Huiying decorated - decorated car Wu Tang Wu Ji He brought up the first episode was abandoned mother and was later adopted by a family in Australia. In his imagination has been due to a poor family that mother was forced to abandon him. Here, he lived a vagabond life in general, in order to make money often have to do some looting tourists intrigue. Korean idol star Choi Min Chu Yun and ginger to Australia, filming, Choi Min Yun love beads, but beads are sensitive to the feelings of a person as a game. Choi Yun-she does not favor, but knowing that friends ex love Choi Yun Choi, Yun Cui so often refuse to courtship. Choi Yun as assistant en color has been quietly in love with him, but Choi did not feel allowed to have a little bit. Well he would help him close to Min Choi Chu, en color had to agree. He took the weapons to rob the money just to boutiques to buy gifts for his girlfriend Zhi-Ying, Zhi-Ying has experience in the store with another man, had his girlfriend has decided to marry that rich man - a triad leader. Morning, en color a person returning to the airport, the road was being robbed. Been looted en color wandering in the street, met Wucher, Wu He told her that he is also a Korean, had been helpless en color behind him, but found that he was actually a tramp, en color also had with him on the streets. The next morning, when the en color wake up, only to find Wucher had left. Choi Yun-Min Chu to express their love to jump into the sea, Min Chu moved, the two began to date. Wucher dressed to attend the wedding of his girlfriend Zhi-Ying, he took his girlfriend to drive away. So frankly, because he was too poor to his girlfriend left him no alternative, Wu He finally took her wedding. Attacked by killer wedding, to save Zhi-Ying Wu He was seriously injured, two bullets fired into his head. Episode Wu He was taken to the hospital, but the operation can only remove a bullet, while the other one was always in his head. He became more weapons after more violent, he took a lot of money to his girlfriend also the first bullet in the back to Korea. Back in Seoul, Wu He recorded television programs to find his mother and loved ones. Wucher through the program found a woman, she was wearing and the weapons He was abandoned around the same time on his ring, but a woman with intellectual disability because of accident, has been anything remember. Choi Yun-Min Chu and the other men that date, and the man went out, en color to help rescue injured. Well looking at the scars of the face color, Choi Yun concern that they must not blame her impulse. Wu He found the woman was his twin sister, Qing-Shu, the son of her sister took him to an uncle, who told the uncle to his mother's things. He was finally allowed to gaze longingly into the arms of his mother Wu Tang Ji, did not think she was actually a large family of rich ladies, more unexpected is that she is the mother of Choi Wan. Looked at the mother of all luxuries, look at your life experience to be abandoned, and I feel sad Wucher more uneven, revenge plan brewing in his mind. Saw his mother go out to run away, Wucher excuse to borrow the bathroom door, open the door was actually en color, en color to the original rental home in the basement of Choi Wan. He has to see the weapons in South Korea, en color by surprise. Episode Wucher retarded sister stole boutiques for the clothes have been reported into the police station to resolve the matter Wucher money and put her sister back home. Night, Wu He went to smash the shop's glass. Cui and Min Chu Yun-date, recognized by fans, en color pretending to cry to attract the attention of people to enable them to escape surrounded by fans, en color is taken as a mental illness. Lost en color on the way home again encountered Wucher, she misunderstood his arms He was from Australia because I like catch Korea. Well good that Wucher color is still a bum no money, with him to dinner, Wu He was here to see the mother. To see the mother lived in the palatial villa a sheltered life, watching the retarded sister has lived the days of hardship, Wucher sense of resentment on the mother more. Wucher afar off his own mother's brother, Choi Yun with the rehearsal, the audience was screaming fans, think of his personal life, heart deeply unfair. Filming in the neighborhood also came to see Choi Min Chu Yun, Choi Min Chu Yun saw the audience away by other men, rushed off stage to recover sensitive beads. Faced with two men jumped out of trouble Min Chu Lake. In order to prove love to Min Zhu, Yun Cui also can not swim jumped out of water. En color was going to the shore anxiously jumped in to save them, and Hera took her arms. He saved two of the weapons suddenly collapsed. In the hospital, and Choi Yun-Wu He got to know, Choi Yun-Wu He as the view of his brother, Wu He actually did not know that her own brother. Choi Yun-Wu He taught Episode IV swimming, Yun Cui a sudden cramp drowning. Wucher mind flashing cruel mother, and stare at Choi struggled in the pool allowed until the water was quiet again, Wu He was allowed to sink to the bottom of the Cui rescued. See the newspaper's sex scandal, en color blame Min Chu, but Min Chu told her that they have really fallen in love with Choi Yun. At that moment, Choi Yun-come, seeing the grace of the blame Min Chu Choi, Yun Choi, however, her rage, en color sad to leave. Wu He is always around to follow in the en color, en color provided
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