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Traffic rules in China, more points on the right line of traffic laws questions

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Chaplin White 
Asked at 2011.06.13 00:33:38
Traffic rules in China, more points on the right line of traffic laws questions
answer jessie lake  Answered at 2011.06.13 00:33:38
Steering wheel placed on the left or right side of the cab, knights and coachman by the decision. Set by the steering wheel for driving on the right side of the country left more than a landlocked country, it is called "mainlanders"; the rear right wheel on the left of the country by many as an island nation, which is called "island camp." Coachman and the right side of the line turned the steering wheel back left, with the right traffic originated in the coachman sat on the left, right, walking habits. Zhibian coachman coachman are right, the left side of the carriage before the natural convenience. The late 18th century, the eight horses in the United States, the caravan, driving the narrow road, two vehicles met head on, rely on each other to the right and look down the left side of the carriage, to prevent its axle was the other crashed. After the advent of cars, Americans, Germans and French were in accordance with the habit of coachman, to the left of the steering wheel into the seat, on the right road. In fact, the right-hand drive is not the invention of the coachman, it originated in the ancient army marching practice. Because the soldiers holding spears and other weapons with the right hand. When the two teams meet head when the soldiers are walking on the right side, each collision will not occur weapons. Soldiers carrying weapons short, right hand sword, his left hand to bring the shield, from the safety considerations, to shield the side exposed to each other, as a victim of the other attacks, but also can shield resist. In 1789, the French Revolution broke out, Roberts Pierre command all of Paris and pedestrian right-hand carriage driving. Napoleon's baggage is also the right-hand driving the vehicle. He conquered Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain, the right line of traffic rules in those countries. 1792 U.S. command issued a right-hand lane. The age of chivalry and the history of the left side of the line on the left can do it earlier than the right of passage for hundreds of years. It is said that the age of chivalry, the knights always proud horse up and down the left side of the horse. Knights prepare for the mounting stone, natural to be placed in the road on the left side of the road. This knights launched from the left side of the horse, do not turn the horse around to the left along the way to go. So the knights on the left to develop the habit. On the left has the advantage that they can always raised his right arm, sword Ting Mao, so chariot to meet the enemy, they all rely on the left side to right side of the enemy. On the left became a favorite location of military generals. They prefer to attack the enemy first left-wing forces. Britain and the United States on the left and right side of the 1300 Act VIII Pope Boni announced Daqing at Christ Memorial, the statement "All roads lead to Rome", and instructed to be in Rome, the pilgrims walk on the left. The announcement with the law forced, lasted five hundred years in Western Europe. 15th century, the British dominate the ocean, the narrow mouth of the River Thames in London a lot of vessels, in order to avoid vessel collision incident, the British Admiralty, where the vessel off the opposite direction, all left navigation. When the car era, the conservative British left the road still follows the habits of a cab of the vehicle steering wheel to the right place. Queen Victoria sent a plenipotentiary to Japan to lobby, the Japanese also used proposed drive on the left approach. However, Japan is implementing the vehicle on the left, pedestrians the right of passage, so that people and vehicles relative, one can take the initiative to escape the vehicle, which may be out by the ancient Zuojiao dignitaries, and ordinary people face and the line, easy to avoid the impact of it. Before World War II by Britain and China, Japan and other countries affected, so the steering wheel on the right hand lane; stream of cars entering the United States after World War II in China, the steering wheel is on the left, so the Military Commission of the Kuomintang government to the right decision Wartime Transportation Authority passage of the. Currently in place on the left lane, the steering wheel on the right of countries and regions are: Britain, Ireland, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries and China's Hong Kong and Macao regions. In addition to these basic and other countries and regions of the same.
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