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How to Tell if a Pontiac Grand Am Is a GT or an SE?

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Benjamin Lane 
Asked at 2011.06.12 23:01:09

answer rose zhou  Answered at 2011.06.12 23:01:09
The Grand Am GT and SE were produced from the late '80's into the early 2000's. You can distinguish between the two by looking at the vehicle identification (VIN) number and a VIN decoding chart for the appropriate model year. The VIN not only uniquely identifies one car from another to deter theft, but also tells many details about the car itself, such as engine type, security features and alternative fuels it accepts.Determine Model YearThe code translation varies by year. Determine the model year by looking at the tenth digit of the VIN. The VIN is in the lower-right corner of the windshield, stamped on a metal plate bolted to the dashboard.Pull Up VIN DecoderVisit your local GM dealership or go to and, to download a GM model chart with the appropriate year. Change the two digits in the link for the model year to the model year you are seeking. For example, for model year 2006, open vincard06.pdf at the Warth site.Read VIN Digits for ModelConfirm that the third digit of the VIN is a 2, which means it's a Pontiac. Read the fourth and fifth digits for the model. The Grand Am SE has digits NE while the GT has digits NW. The SE and GT break down further into SE1, SE2, and so on.
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