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2008 Top 20 list of China's energy industry

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Wendy Zhu 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:37:38
2008 Top 20 list of China's energy industry
answer Evan smith  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:37:38
2008 Top 20 list of China's energy industry energy industry in China in 2008 China Top 20 Top Research Institute of Industrial Economics and Organization of four consecutive successful launch of "Top 500 Chinese manufacturing research report," not only enhances the community manufacturing concern and support and strengthen the system for business innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, improve the visibility and competitiveness of enterprises and accelerate the process of internationalization of enterprises, has positive significance and role. It is conducive to the formation of a fair competition in the manufacturing sector, mutual learning, innovation and courage to forge ahead of the good atmosphere, encouraging enterprises according to the scientific development concept, sustained, rapid and healthy development. To this end, China Industrial Economy Research Institute decided to continue with the world this year, the competitiveness of enterprises laboratory, the World Association of Manufacturers, global manufacturing Comments Chinese 500 Chinese manufacturing joint publishing activities. Reporting principles: The survey data continue to adhere to voluntary corporate reporting and non-declaration of the principle of charging: 1, all registered in China, manufacturing enterprises (including state-owned, private, joint ventures), 2007 sales revenue (or operating income ) reached 1.5 billion yuan, an independent legal entity can be reported; 2, the company reported six key indicators: sales (operating income), total assets, total profit, equity, R & D investment and number of employees. Methods: 1, the competitiveness of enterprises by the World Laboratory (WCL) and the China Industrial Economic Institute (CIEA) study group composed of professional research by industry experts, economists and management experts, the Committee of Experts on the research work guidance; 2, with reference to internationally accepted methods, the competitiveness of enterprises by the World Laboratory (WCL) designed according to international practice model of enterprise competitiveness study (CVA), a comprehensive analysis of enterprise data, combined with industry differences, prestige index and other factors 500 to determine China's manufacturing industry, while China's manufacturing industry in terms of sales revenue to determine the top 500 companies and foreign manufacturers based on the research, presented the world's top 500 manufacturing companies; 3, this evaluation is still a trade experts, economic scientists and management experts, the Expert Committee on the activities of supervision and guidance, and organization of specialized personnel questionnaire. According to the survey reported the results of the competitiveness of enterprises by the World Laboratory (WCL) and the China Industrial Economic Institute (CIEA) a comprehensive analysis, writing the "2008 Report", after approval by the expert committee, to the community "in 2008 (the first fourth) report of 500 Chinese manufacturing. " Progress: February 2008 to May enterprise data survey, conducted May to June and analyzed data, report writing. To ensure the "2008 Report" comprehensive, scientific, systematic, accurate, please fill in all relevant business data questionnaire and return on May 28, fax or mail can be. Beijing Address: International Building, 19 Jianguomenwai Street, Office Building A, Room 20-C Download: 2008 (fourth) 500 Chinese manufacturing survey data filling the data that results: "Global Manufacturing 500 "," Asian Manufacturing 500 "," 500 Chinese manufacturing industry "," 500 Chinese manufacturing, "" corporate innovation 100 "" 100 most competitive market, "" Top 100 brand influence, "" science and technology of environmental protection 100 strong "authority of the release:" China's energy industry 20 "," China Machinery Manufacturing 20 "" China Chemical manufacturing 20 "," China Textile Manufacturing 20 "" Top 20 Chinese garment industry, "" Chinese food industry 20 "," China Building Materials Manufacturing 20 "" top 20 electronics manufacturing in China "" China Metallurgical Manufacturing 20 "" Top 20 Chinese tobacco industry, "" Top 20 Chinese home appliance industry, "" Top 20 Chinese drug manufacturing "View log 08 Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Award official website: Organizer: China Industrial Economy Research Institute laboratory world competitiveness of enterprises jointly organized by: the world of global manufacturing Reviews Manufacturers Association Chinese contractors: comment on the Chinese version of Global Manufacturing Dates: June 2008 Venue: China, Hong Kong.
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