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The world's most terror as the man who terrified half the half of doctors as a tree (Figure)

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Benjamin Lane 
Asked at 2011.06.07 00:52:11
The world's most terror as the man who terrified half the half of doctors as a tree (Figure)
answer Ivy Bush  Answered at 2011.06.07 00:52:11
The world's most terror as the man who terrified half the half of doctors as a tree (Figure) medical expert, Dr. Gaspari "tree people" Didi terrible hands and feet a village near the city of Bandung, Indonesia, 36-year-old man in the Didi may the world "look like the most horrible" people, because his hands and feet and even the body are covered with a strange tumor-like roots, so he looks like half man, half tree, Di Di has thus been a "tree man" moniker. Didi's strange disease to medical experts are deeply shocked and confused, American experts, Dr. Anthony Gaspari of the blame for Didier tumor samples after testing, concluded that he suffered from an extremely rare genetic disorder, Gaspar in that they can devise a treatment, completely cured Didi's abnormal. Like a man half tree, half as learned that Didier childhood is a completely normal child, and his 15-year-old from a strange disease began to emerge that year, when Didier as a construction worker accidentally cut site his knee, although the injury is not serious, but never dreamed that Didier is that this small wound has changed his fate. Didier's knee injury a few weeks, his wound to grow a huge tumor. Didier is not too worried about the start, he thinks this is just common warts, and finally fall off on their own. But not only did not fall off the tumor, but in a short time started spreading throughout the body to his. Didier recalled: "The doctor cut off by surgery grow on me the first tumor, but, it faster to me long back. Then my feet, arms, head and grow on both the tumor. "Didier wife left him 20 years old when his body had been covered everywhere, like the strange root aneurysm, so that he looks like the terrorist looks abnormal. Not only construction workers who could no longer take the tools Didier work, and even some simple activities can not be completed, the final dismissal he was the boss, is still unemployed today. Didier and his wife had had two children, but since he suffered from strange diseases, his wife had left him, leaving him and two children --- 18-year-old Endi Si and 16-year-old ex soup had each other. Didier said: "My wife left me, and I was very sad. Because of my illness, I never can not take care of their children, I am eager to work, but unfortunately, I do not do anything." Even clothes, washing clothes that ordinary things, the whole body is covered with strange tumors are impossible and Didier things. Mobility, penniless, he usually rely on family and friends help just to get their monthly aid to Didi and his two children, to ensure that his son will not be starved to death three people. Abnormal stunned experts "tree people" Didi's abnormal to Indonesia, both doctors shocked, and confused, they want to help him, and he implemented a series of painful surgery, may eventually have no effect. Didier said: "When I go to the hospital, the doctor burned me with a laser of some tumors, and gave me an injection to several drugs, and I also continue to take medicine. But about three weeks after the surgery, my body was in addition tumor has come back out of the plenary session, but their faster growth rate. "Didi's strange disease also caused concern about the U.S. medical experts, University of Maryland School of Medicine professor of dermatology, Dr Anthony Gaspari said:" I was shocked by his appearance, I've never seen this strange disease. I'm very interested in his condition, because this is too unusual. He appears to be the body of this tumor in our previous Clinical history of the disease had never met. "Gasparri can completely cure the body, Dr. Didier extracted from tumor samples tested after the strange, confident that Didier just suffering from a extremely rare genetic disorder, This means that his immune system can not work properly. Dr Gaspari said Didi who is actually a strange tumor induced by human papillomavirus common warts, HPV has at least 100 species, of which more than 30 can be sexually transmitted, the virus directly attacks the skin, the formation of papillomavirus, if the contacts, the rapid spread of the body. Usually the body's immune system will help in drug resistance and kill the virus. Didier reason why the disease is not curable, it is precisely because his immune system can not work like a normal person. Dr Gaspari of the present invention is a special treatment, and that he can completely cure the strange disease Didier. Didier most worried about is that in the treatment of a doctor to find his way, he will be killed by this strange disease. Despite previous disappointments encountered again and again, but Didier still hope the doctors can cure him, he said: "I'm afraid it covered my face, covered my body, I'm afraid I will never can not see things, can not eat. I am also concerned about this strange disease will be transmitted to my children, I desire to be cured, I am eager to lead a normal life. "
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