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I am 82 years on March 11, the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am is born, luck how ah.

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Andrew Brown 
Asked at 2011.05.24 01:17:42

answer rose zhou  Answered at 2011.05.24 01:17:42
The content that the following computer approves offers entertainment only! The lot talks when date: Ren Qu year: Earth of Ren water Qu, stranger is faithful Gu Jiazhi therefore dog, total Na Baichuan, boundless is not had border, baoyun works of God, rise heavy life brilliance, friend says: Sea water, xi Chunxia reachs wood. Humanness lifetime disposition is clever, cheesy, spirit is gentle and pleasant, be fond of You Shan water, free forest below, fine of buccal straight heart, law-abiding defend record. Spring photograph of unripe exchequer flourishing, xia Sheng is comfortable and peaceful and carefree, qiusheng enjoys middleaged good fortune, the winter is unripe from ancestor get married, day gives birth to riches and honour, nocturnal life is flat, in March stranger 8 be defeated. Male avoid: 4, June; Female avoid: 3, July. Ren Qu stranger, for thing of person lifetime good do good works, come east go on the west, do not live ceaseless, back and belly is short of, noble guide and support, 100 matters say meaning, early year old flatly, last years of a dynasty or reign is flourishing, feminine be apt to can, manage family property, able and virtuous good kind. Take salary Mi Sisheng personally, polished glutinous rice 2 litres 8 close, cotton cloth a paragraph, thin silk a paragraph, the flesh half jins, tea salt 49, owe suffer unripe Qian Simo to a string of 1000 cash, child sky of the period of the day from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. dies. Ren Qu year the sentiment that the person had nobleness, be full of beneficent heart. But, be immersed in ego easily, everything is very easy mad enchanted, hamper consequently success and preferment. In addition, the disaster that may have pornography is difficult, if to these defect cannot ego is abstemious will cause the condition that destroys oneself, but this prow disposition, also can accomplish not the great exploit of the world. The person that will be born in March, the year before last year in June be impregnated, be born after tomb-sweeping day. Popular feeling is uncommon, wide bosom is many, enduring, humanness has keep in mind, intention is firm, judicious, intercourse of arrogate to oneself, have an artifice, bosom bounty is thick, weigh pornography, happy event is social, love also difficult concentrated, beware of peach blossom is suffer from, joyous field vanishs completely beautiful ground is not beautiful nearly, middleaged carry is waterproof lunar lens is beautiful, miss good opportunity, nominal, old age can be defended, fu Zeke period, pour the sweet lot after eat sugar cane is sufferred from first therefore. Will be the month that build day in March, the month that cooperates lustre day is on the divination of The Book of Changes, although the person that is born this month has chivalrous lofty quality, but a few thing can get angry, be worried often feels in the heart, if can control defect, to government service hammer and tongs, the possibility that has unexpected success, suit to be engaged in be versed in at the bag career, construction industry, agriculture, the job of stock raising, can become rich accordingly. The poem says: Stranger carry will receive a star in March, humanness charity is cleverer. Meet the pig encounters rat to promote family property, back and belly peacefully Wan Fuzhen. Humanness natural disposition from wide bosom, action of all one's life gets all directions money. Will become when a day rise to power and position, be just as get a new lease of life to come. Humanness heart is straight from wide bosom, action of all one's life gets all directions money, be restricted in the grow stout when Rong Hua, be just as withered Mu Yuchun to come. In March stranger, heart sex is munificent, everything tolerance, be restricted first flatly, be restricted in grow stout, end is restricted the life of the high position and great wealth. 11 days, this day of stranger, disposition is amiable, understanding, yuan Chi is developed, hardships of one's early years, middleaged back and belly is superabundant, alone cherish one's kin does not get its power, brother also did not get his to aid, old age can enjoy family happiness, the flat life in be also. Stranger of period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am: (midnight 11 when to temporarily) jade fan star, money library enters an order, humanness disposition is doughty, loneliness is conceited, have Yong Qianmou, dispute multiterminal, bagatelle not stick to, parents is capable, connubial photograph is overcome, first year academic and aspirant, carry rushs about in, late movement riches and honour, the life that is Gongqing also, be like,carry has arrived spring, xie Luhua is redder. Comfortable job: Soldier, politics and law, economy, building, electric wait, beautiful of golden water facilities, avoid earth kind. Good or ill luck year: 11, 18, 36, 49, 58, 84 years old. The stranger at the beginning of the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am: Restrain a parent first, 10 into 9 beat much advance and retreat, medical skill monk always all auspicious, head wife difficult trick, humanness is impatient, husband and wife has punishment, children sees a gram, brother is on bad terms, the six relations is cool. Make thing advance and retreat, first year not good, not was restricted good, appropriate learns skill, fortune has cooperated, moonish God charming, the poem says: At carry how, the advance and retreat that make an issue is much, first did not come when year, not was restricted is money. The stranger in the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am: When in stranger is defeated without the gram, make a thing be contended for forcedly all one's life strong, 7 after falling 8 cases flourishing, from ancestor get married Fu Luchang, for at leisure of person lifetime joy, garment salary is not had deficient, brother has branch, child breath can enrol, do not defend ancestor course of study, there is money outside going out, great fortune of in one day comes, moonish go up culmination, the poem says: Garment salary nature is new, lifetime close noble, this official makes prime minister in feudal China, zhen Jiasheng of riches and honour. Stranger of end of period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am: End stranger overcomes father first when, one's kin is not had rely on work hard husband, money does not have library appropriate saving, child breath two had met forcedly room. Humanness sex is wide good apply, one's kin brother is faint, first year painstaking, movement developeds in, make an issue completely, doughty conceit, from ancestor pass a house, do obeisance to father mother again, trun ill luck into good, faithful and honest and kind person, compassionate humanitarian heart. The poem says: Unripe meet end of period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, first year carry end is connected, one's kin does not have support, brother each thing.
  • Answer This Question:I am 82 years on March 11, the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am is born, luck how ah. 

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