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BMW also produced 760 up  

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Aaron Barton 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:23:25
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answer lucy liu  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:23:25
Yes, Beijing) in the People's Republic of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the BMW Group in the Chinese market limited edition 60 "brand new BMW 760Li 60th anniversary edition of China." The new models to the BMW Group BMW 760Li Individual basis for tailor-made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of founding of the PRC, BMW Group, as an expression of honor to the Chinese government and people have made remarkable achievements in the respect. BMW 760Li BMW Group as a flagship model, cutting-edge technology and luxury with unparalleled magnanimity, with the top model that contained in the label 760Li number "60", in order to celebrate the launch of 60 limited edition 60th anniversary of China can be described as mood natural, very valuable. The 60 limited edition models to BMW Indiviudal configuration based on the traditional Chinese elements into modern car design. Designs on the exclusive use of BMW Indiviudal Smoky Quartz and Moonstone white body color black, with the BMW Individual 20-inch wheels, car body "China 60 Years" logo and after the car curtain on the "Chinese red" color of the Chinese knot, highlight the "new BMW 760Li 60th anniversary edition of China," no doubt the exclusive status. Vehicle interior, the use of merino sheepskin seat on the outline of the four "Red China" line, headrests and floor mats on the exquisite velvet "Red China" Chinese knot pattern, fit the festive atmosphere of the 60th anniversary of China, but also to create the warm and distinguished interior space. In addition, before and after the iDrive knob also specially designed a "Chinese Dragon" seal seal script as the background pattern of "China's sixtieth anniversary." "The new BMW 760Li 60th anniversary edition of China" and the BMW 760Li with the same twin-turbo V12 engine, maximum output power of 400 kW / 544 hp and peak torque up to 750 Nm, equipped with 8-speed automated manual gearbox, from the standstill to 100 km / h only 4.6 seconds, while the BMW Efficient Dynamics (high power) technology to fuel consumption of only 13 liters per hundred kilometers. Both the driver and passengers, can fill the gap Yihuo enjoy the comfort, or will feel the passion and the explosive force of a thunderbolt. The new BMW 7 series not only has the longest wheelbase in its class and the most generous interior space, but also with leading innovation and technology, outstanding driving dynamics, exceptional luxurious car ride experience for the leaders set a new benchmark. As a well-deserved, "the top CEO of the car", BMW 7 series for business leaders to lead forward the times, the perfect embodiment of the leaders who are capable of responsibility, willing to create a successful, successful leaders share the vision, bearing and demeanor. In China, with the rapid development of social economy, the emergence of more and more high-end people, BMW 7 series as their most favored of the car. In 2008, more than 11,000 people have chosen a successful BMW 7 series. In 2009, China is expected to become a BMW 7 series in the world's largest market. The success of BMW 7 series fully reflects the unyielding Chinese spirit and vibrant Chinese economy and the BMW brand of aggressive perfect fit. Launched the "New BMW 760Li 60th anniversary edition of China", reflecting the BMW Group's confidence in the future of China's great and good wishes. BMW working extensively in China will continue to actively participate in the harmonious development of China's automobile industry and society to undertake corporate social responsibility, together with our customers to build a better, sustainable development, harmonious society and make its own contribution. Today, 60 "brand new BMW 760Li 60th anniversary edition of China" started to accept reservations. For more information, please contact BMW customer service hotline.
ashimagupta02 Answered at 2021.04.10 04:11:15
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