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February 16 LPG Market

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Aaron Barton 
Asked at 2011.05.15 22:50:00
Letters to refining gas prices in Shandong Shandong today to refining poor sales, overall market down channel, Jingbo 4,800 yuan / ton, Kenli 4520 yuan / ton, down 150 yuan / ton, Lijin Petrochemical 4,550 yuan / ton, King China Star 4900 yuan / t, Dongying Hartcourt 4650 yuan / ton, 4,550 yuan Dong Ming wusheng / ton. Area gas prices Chengyu Chengyu Express regional gas tank arrived today in general, stable supply of resources, users are not enthusiastic about the purchase. Local users of the market outlook bearish, are not enthusiastic about the purchase, Chongqing Today 5100 yuan / ton, Chengdu 5050 yuan / ton. Northwest bearish market price stability, Chengdu and Chongqing area are not active users purchase, the district put price stability. Letters Dagang Petrochemical gas prices dropped significantly today Dagang Petrochemical 100 yuan / ton to 4,650 yuan / ton. Letters Jingmen Petrochemical gas prices today Jingmen Petrochemical sales are sluggish, prices are down 100 yuan / ton to 5,080 yuan / ton, offers 50 yuan / ton, distribution, 80 yuan / ton. Express West gas prices today, Lanzhou refinery gas production in more than 400 tons per day, affected by spring, the plant sends tanks to reduce fire, gas tank sales pressure, today's prices at 4,400 yuan / ton, gas tank outflow of resources general. Yumen refinery tank fire, sending poor, inventory in the high price of gas tank to maintain 4,000 yuan / ton. Xinjiang refinery tank fire, sending poor, part of the refinery stocks higher, price stability. Refinery gas prices today, the Great Wall Express Great Wall of Jinan offer sharply lower refinery feedstock gas from 150 to 5800 yuan / ton, the market environment slowed. Wuhan Petrochemical gas prices fell Express Wuhan Petrochemical offer 150 yuan / ton to 5100 yuan / ton; Wuhan Petrochemical production of more than 600 tons today, the impact of resources in North China, Wuhan Northwest larger resource flows to South less weak sales and lower prices. Today, South users to continue to wait and see, and now gas to reach the Northwest Gas and North Hubei, Hunan, more lakes less gas to southern China, Hunan and Hubei users purchase significantly less, so sales will remain weak lakes, prices continue to put tomorrow. Letters Nanchong Nanchong refinery refinery gas prices dropped significantly to 4,830 yuan / ton, the sale of a good, strong and stable prices today. Market gas prices in North China Express today sales in North China market continues to deteriorate, the market basically no real uplift. Refineries in Shandong line sales is not good, but not because of resource drain, Henan, Hebei Refinery's sales are still poor, by reducing the outflow of resources and local demand is still small double impact, many refineries did not improve sales today. Shaanxi, Hubei, some refineries gas prices express the market price to see steady, Shaanxi, significantly reduced the outflow of resources, pressure on refineries to increase sales. Xianyang additives sales significantly slowed, prices have remained 4620 yuan / ton. Yanlian price maintenance 4550 yuan / ton, due to lower prices in Xianyang and Los smelting, refining extended selling pressure increased. Chengdu-Chongqing region as prices fell, Yinchuan, Qingyang Refinery sales are sluggish, prices remained stable today. Local raw gas sales in general, prices remained stable. Letters Qingjiang Petrochemical gas prices affected by the crash in Southern and Northern Qingjiang Petrochemical fell 300 yuan / ton to 5,000 yuan / ton, closing a substantial discount, sales weak.
answer Tommy Fan  Answered at 2011.05.15 22:50:00
Hey, man upstairs, Shandong price you quoted wrong! Can be said Freeze!
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