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March and April clothing shop business reasons bleak

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Abraham Ford 
Asked at 2011.05.15 21:07:18
March and April clothing shop business reasons bleak
answer William Smith  Answered at 2011.05.15 21:07:18
For sellers who do clothing business, the business year, the season is the most light in mid-March to the end of April this time, this is normal. The specific reasons for these points: 1. Because this time of climate The greatest impact will be spring, most of the local climate is relatively cool, a large temperature difference, most people still wearing a winter sweater, but this time the normally buy YY has been bought in the fall. So March and April sweater sales to small. 2. this time, if the seller if your purchase will probably find that suppliers are generally doing summer clothes, T shirts, singlets. shirts and much more. hard to find have to wear a suit for spring, what the sources of the sweater. so hang in summer YY, climate is not hot, YY, of course not good to go. 3. If the seller were not prepared in advance, spring and autumn, clothes, wait until the weather gets warmer When thinking about the purchase. is late, can not get a good supply. Here I introduce shippers under the general rule: 1.2 month: look before and after the Spring Festival, the winter before the holiday will be to do something, the amount is not very big. postganglionic point to dry the stock, this time the purchase is worthwhile Oh!!! 2.3 month: this time have come out in summer clothes, because if it is foreign trade, then this time is to take a single peak. mostly days. South Korea's summer models, and new models and more. pretty much eat YY want to take the goods this time to prepare for the summer sales. 4.5 months: to trade on the list of shipments by the end of May is also a peak. this time mostly woven The Spring and Autumn (to sell for now) from June to August, this time due to climate issues, and some cargo business is also a little rest, and generally will not have much content. the end of August to October is the sweater such as the golden season of winter, adequate supply. Many new goods are in the new time out. so beautiful YY seller to Amoy to up shot, this time is when the most money. October - 12 months, generally is some cotton and wool sweater, gloves, scarves and other accessories are mostly shipped in this time period.
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