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[Business] from scratch to do the miracles of the wealth of assets

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Chaplin White 
Asked at 2011.05.15 20:26:10
[Business] from scratch to do the miracles of the wealth of assets
answer Reb Brown  Answered at 2011.05.15 20:26:10
to tens of millions of assets from scratch story miracle of wealth earned his 23-year-old first 1,000,033 years of automotive products to do the boss 33 years old, and some people are still looking for effort, but some people has become a field leader, Wang Hanrong is the latter. 28 years old, he completed the crossing from 0 to 10000000, automotive supplies the supermarket to eat crabs in Shenzhen, Baoan opened in the city's largest auto supplies at center, large tires, car audio, small non-slip mats, car perfume and other kinds of automotive products on the supermarket as open as normal display, price tag, optional sales, refreshing consumers. 23 years old, he used to earn a life time opportunity for the first 100 million, also recognized a most important person in life. All have 18-year-old from his Anglo-German countryside from the road to Shenzhen to work talking about, not that part of the day there will be no dust Wang Hanrong 1 today, from scratch - a stepping stone into polished craft Wang Hanrong 4 years old his father died, my mother single-handedly bringing up their three siblings. To help make ends meet, he was still in junior high school in the village along with his brother were taken to collect the herbs, and then resold medicine company, earn a meager difference. Is such a down to selling, a month is just able to earn several hundred dollars, Wang Hanrong for the first time tasted the sweetness of doing business. In 1990, the village in a clock factory when there was a distant relative lobbying Wang Hanrong master to apprentice, how he almost did not want to Chuaizhuo brother came to 150 yuan in Shenzhen. Arrived in the factory, the master to give him his a hat and a mask, he began to work ten hours a day, with linen wheel and polishing wax to the strap and case. Back to the hostel every night I have tried to rub the face with soap, because the dust is too large, in addition to masks sheltered from the outside is black. Wang Hanrong recalls. He still clearly remember the first month's salary is 150 yuan. Soon, with his mentor and boss, due to debut into a dispute, and had them jump to the other plant. Wherever, Wang Hanrong have been absorbing like a sponge, learn other people's technology. The end of 1991, he has become the backbone of polishing workshop, will get 1,000 yuan a month salary. The next year, he made an important decision, to jump less than a thousand dollars of machinery factory wage work, because with his technology to become the production team. Everyone needs someone sure, I am no exception. He said. This time is polished, the difference is that his future career was finally stained with a side of a vehicle anti-theft lock polished. Before long, this had to do the factory for export to domestic sales, need to develop the domestic market, he was able to talk to a workshop with the Director to recommend him to run the business, as he would speak Cantonese to facilitate communication. Wang Hanrong told reporters: a dozen people were picked out of the factory as a salesman, and now I am the only successful one. Pot of gold - went to recover the cost of 5 million in 1993, Chenzhou, the most concentrated areas of Shenzhen Auto Parts Factory in the Bamboo Road, and Wang Hanrong factory work in Shekou, Shenzhen for each day across the whole city. Shekou, Shenzhen is the time to sit out the 204 Road, 204 Road from the terminus can also plant a few kilometers, I'll be riding sub-bus. Then I bought a bike lock in Shanghai Hotel Station, to the city and then go to Bamboo Road cycling from door to door selling. Finally, a distant relative of the referral, he Chenzhou Vehicle Administration to recommend the appropriate local authorities to use the anti-theft locks, Vehicle department asked him to send twenty thousand as soon as possible to lock to the Chenzhou, cash on delivery. At that time twenty thousand locks need 200 million loan, where he raised money on it? Later, he decided to plant let, the difference will be one of the factory give themselves every lock earn a few dollars. To make this business a very important reason is that I am not afraid lose, if I care about profits, and perhaps also earned the last 5 million do not even come back. In 1994, nearly two years to promote career Wang Hanrong there have been numerous regular clients, and this time he was 54, Bao'an District, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway, has opened a good profit when the automotive hardware shops. At that time, only one in Hong Kong in Shenzhen, the car supplies wholesale business, automotive products manufacturers are mostly concentrated in Taiwan, Hong Kong, as long as the domestic distributor to find them, you can get the goods. With the goal, Wang Hanrong soon with the agency to establish a stable contact. Paths which separate provision - she helped me to earn 100 million in 1995 for Wang Hanrong is a qualitative leap in two important opportunities appear at his side, he has a good grasp of the. Mainland chain in some areas spate of highway accidents, Ministry of Public Security ordered a motor vehicle on the highway must be installed fog lights, Ministry of Public Security designated manufacturers to install rear fog lamps. Basically, as long as you can get the goods meet the requirements, they will sell, I shop there every night more than 12 people lined up waiting for delivery, to give vehicle owners to install. Wang Hanrong said. As the amount of each limited auto parts store, not getting goods to the manufacturers directly, so he took and he has linked the amount of auto parts stores are concentrated together, the Jiangsu Province, Wuxi, Xuzhou and Guangdong South China Sea, Ministry of Public Security designated manufacturers of several orders. The first time because he can get the goods in short supply, so the line there are more and more auto parts stores caught on to his orders, and even auto parts stores in Guangzhou. But this year, the biggest gain in knowledge or in a business is tall, beautiful girl in Guangzhou, an anti-theft products, automotive electronics business in Hong Kong trading company sales director. The girl is from the shop assistant, cashier, sales director came up to do this step by step, he was able to talk with, love the seed to sprout in the Wang Hanrong heart quietly. Each delivery to Guangzhou, Wang Hanrong girls go out into the store to run. In fact, girls are already in love with the honest, energetic young man. The next year, after the fog in the most prosperous business year, they married. Influenced by the philosophy of Hong Kong not only to help the wife of Wang Hanrong business in the rear fog lamp safely make the first 100 million, more importantly, his business must be done to encourage large, and stronger. Otherwise there will be no full-Shenzhen later sold the largest automotive supplies often four successfully magic - the concept of scale first cautious expansion in the wholesale automotive supplies increasingly meager profits when the nascent automotive supplies retail profits is considerable. In 1997, my wife's suggestion, Wang Hanrong 39 is located in Bao'an District rented the old Customs Building, more than 110 square meters of shops as the facade, above and 1,000 square meters of warehouse as a warehouse-style supermarket. At the time, to 70 yuan per square floor, second floor, he got a factory warehouse prices, only 10 yuan per square meter, and even then one month's rent but also two million. Less than 3 years, Belgium has a good Wanghan Rong Bao exclusive automotive supplies market in Ngau Tau. Good from Belgium into a stable period of development, not only self-production of automotive chemicals, hardware, speakers, and cloth and other products, also owned by more than 300 worldwide buyers sourcing network, and to the country more than 800 supply dealers, including Shenzhen, accounting for Bacheng. The end of 2004, invested by the good interests of the car when the vehicle Services Ltd addressing space in the most popular Huaqiang North business district, and was officially opened in March of this year. Urban consumer level higher than the customs, the requirements of automotive products also higher, so we carefully arranged the sales area, audio audition and installation area, film area, as well as special smoking areas, recreation areas, more attached to the little cafes, so that when consumers are waiting for access to free internet service. This time, Wang Hanrong a reversal in the first choice of low-rent, because here the time to accomplish good profit urban flagship store in Shenzhen. From the trial operation began, a steady rise in the performance of the car space, Wang Hanrong this step is not proved wrong. First met Wang Hanrong 4 years ago, when he stunned the world: do not see you? Who stand with me, than I like the boss. Frankly he did say that the idea in my mind: it clearly is a normal appearance, wearing more common, longer than my imaginary old young man. Many have had poor experiences of the rich, fine but you can not see nothing after the poor of the gas; the same poor Wang Hanrong born, developed, and wealth, and is still living a simple life is ordinary. In his words: the appearance of luxury is not necessarily a symbol of wealth ... ... Some people made money, put thoughts spent on clothing, food, note the line, spend all day thinking about how to better enjoy life. I am a peasant background, I was still young, still a long way to go. Over the past decade, Wang Hanrong almost bought a watch, perhaps working in the factory during the year see more of it. Wang Hanrong only hobby is playing football, but homemade is always wearing a pair of brand-name - two or three yuan a pair of binary cards soccer shoes. Which Regal did a good car, but by 2004, Wang Hanrong has been produced by driving a bike Fujian Southeast Freeca, while private, while up the goods. Until recently spent more than 40 million bought a Toyota Overlord. He quipped: friends just could not have passed, do not buy a good point of dying. Wang Hanrong reporter first met before the Spring Festival in 2001, he organized an invitation to participate in the Shenzhen Economic Daily poor children eat dinner, New Year's Eve at noon he invited the two children of poor families had lunch with Wang Hanrong face always the goodwill of the smile, gave each child scholarships to encourage them to learn. Then chat up, Wang Hanrong said: I grew up in poor families, so when I have the ability, you go to help needy people, just as others helped me. Afternoon interview, Wang Hanrong invited reporters to watch a football match, he is the midfield field, the first post-conflict keep flying over the court. He usually does not smoke, not alcohol, is the only hobby in his spare time with his staff to the football match. Playing football and then the inevitable crash, the reporter had asked his staff to play with him all the time is not careful, for fear that bumps him? Staff smiled and replied: Wang said on the field we are the same, how can there be any worry. As willing to endure hardship, not afraid of a disadvantage, the original director in the mechanical processing of the plant when the salesman gave him a chance and let him onto the sales success. Also because of sincere, friendly, and many automotive products manufacturers have become good friends and grow together, so he can always get cheaper than others, friendship price. Or because honest, easy-going, that beautiful girl willing to lay down comfortable in Guangzhou all followed him to Shenzhen, to help his career to new heights. Of this post has been edited on 2007-10-25 16:41:16
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