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Legitimate chain sales up

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Reb Brown 
Asked at 2011.05.13 00:14:35
Legitimate chain sales up
answer bozi zhang  Answered at 2011.05.13 00:14:35
Capital operation, after listening to a lot of people say, like pyramid schemes, well I just know when to think so. After all, it was 72 outside row line 73, is a new industry, nothing will be made invisible virtual heart inevitably, it is normal reflection. We all have a brain, new things coming, do not conflict with, nothing more than to spend some time to understand an analysis, did not find out until the blind who will not invest in the future we know is not the opportunity to judge for themselves. I think a lot of people have heard about the operation of capital, but really understand how it works how many people? I also engaged in a chain of North Sea sales, the industry is definitely no problem, otherwise I would not join, but I have personally seen and experienced some things, I do not think what people are suitable, itself in the field, is invited difficult thing, too far people are not willing to go, you have no way to say what is so dry that no one is easily the past is gone there is no way some people fully involved, should be their home After all not there, I personally experienced, in the family when the phone too much to bear the psychological pressure, and sleep every day for a lie. All that you did at home is a traditional industry can earn more than life! But many people question of funding the operation should be working at the local, when friends come to see how you like the industry can have confidence in it, not everyone has a good heart, then the capacity! I chose the capital operation of the network is analyzed for a long time only to set itself a relatively small investment in his lot, since we can afford, even a thousand time out to play fast, even thousands of buy stocks , calling also sets inside, the operation of the network will not be the capital and most times it can recover the cost. Do not have to delay your work, just as if you can do part-time as the time to look at stocks on the line, do not have to worry about home field far from home but also inside the thing! I think I solved the capital operation network remote chain of dry sales concerns and difficulties, so I chose to, we may also wish to also analyze my choice right?
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