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Asked at 2009.12.20 06:50:05
I have a total of 3 computers in my home. One is hooked into the modem through Time Warner Cable and the other two receives internet through Linksys wireless router device. Time Warner charges customers in NC $40.00 a month for every room connected with internet in your house. So, if you have a router guess what, they are not getting your money. *Beware* I just got off the phone with a tech support for Time Warner and he did not answer my question if they actually play with your internet connection until you disconnect your router. This is a very sad unethical practice. If anyone using their services has a some cash tucked away, this would be a good law suit that you would be guaranteed to win.
answer Hyipo  Answered at 2009.12.20 06:50:05
ISPs are getting more powerful and becoming gatekeepers after the abolishment of Net Neutrality.

That means Road Runner or any ISP has the right to descrminate your traffic or Servers without any liability for lawsuits.

I don't think you can sue Time Warner.
They pretty much have the right to discriminate your traffic or charge you whatever they want because the net is not neutral anymore.

If Road Runner is cheating you and if they do allow routers (I think so because they have the best firewalls) you should report them to the BBB or the authorities and if they refuse to be fair yeah I recommend you sue them.
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