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And wise fellow, you'll extraordinary

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Adolf Pike 
Asked at 2011.05.12 23:49:00
In real life, with whom you are important, or even change your growth trajectory, determine the success or failure of your life. And what kind of people together, there will be what kind of life. And hardworking people together, you will not laziness; and positive people together, you will not break down; and wise colleagues, you will extraordinary; and the company of an expert, you could reach the peak. Scientists said: "Man is the only animal able to accept implied." Positive suggestion, people will have good mood and physiological state influence and inspire people's inner potential, the extraordinary level of play to people, people progress, reminders people forge ahead. Away from negative people it! Otherwise, they will unknowingly steal your dreams, so that you gradually decadence, become mediocre. Positive portrait sun, where it shines bright; negative portrait moon, not the same as the first and fifteenth. Attitude is everything. What is the attitude, there is what kind of future; character determines destiny. What kind of personality, what kind of life there. Some say there are three lucky in life: having a good school teacher, met a good teacher at work, having married a good partner. Sometimes they are a sweet smile, a warm greeting, you can make your life different, brilliant. Unfortunately, the most in life: the lack of aggressive around you people who lack vision, so that your life becomes mediocre Yong Ping, eclipsed. There is a saying, it does not matter who you are, it is important who you're together. In ancient times, "Meng Mu moved three" sufficient to show and with whom is really important. Eagle grew up in a chicken coop, you will lose the ability to fly, how can Bo hit the sky, blue sky? Wolf in sheep grow, will "fall in love with the sheep" and the loss of wolf, and how all-powerful, ride the earth? You had very good, because people around the negative impact that you, your lack of upward pressure, the loss of forward momentum and become tacky, so banal. Such a concept is not it? Most people with no music playing into the grave. If you imagine that, like an eagle soaring the sky, then you have to fly with the eagles and the group, rather than associating with the sparrow; ride if you imagine the earth as the wolf, the wolf would be to group together and run, not walk with the sheep and deer ; is called "thrush Sparrow different voice, different from the Golden Rooster crows nest." Perhaps this is a subtle power and the role of monasteries. If you want smart, then you have to and smart people together, you will be more wise; If you want good, then you will be with good people together, you will excel. Read good books, to pay an expert, are the two great blessing in life. The level of a person's identity, is by his friends around the decision. The more friends, means that you value the higher the greater the benefit to your career. A friend is a valuable asset in your life essential. Friend's encouragement and help solve the problem because you will seem invincible, indomitable. The subtleties of life is that with people, hand in hand. Beauty of life is given away at the roses, fragrance left hand. Life is like that. Want smart people together, you have to smart; want good people together, you have outstanding. Good at discovering the advantages of others, and put it into their own strengths, you will be wise; good at seizing the opportunities of life, and put it into their own opportunities, you will become a good person. Successfully treat others as passionate about their success. People learn best, make the most of. Borrowed wisdom, their achievements, which was success. And not the same people together, there will be a different life. Love, marriage and so, family, career is also true!
answer Aaron Barton  Answered at 2011.05.12 23:49:00
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