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How is unripe canal done?

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Tony Blake 
Asked at 2011.05.11 19:45:23
I am in the company of mill of numerical control machine tool of a stage endowment to make unripe valve now, have the following doubt 1. For the makings that the machine has, but design branch is changed later, use this kind of stock no longer certainly, then such word is brought about turn into slow-witted makings, how should be these makings handled? If want to handle, does need give birth to a canal to arrange such data? 2. Because factory of numerical control machine tool is not a quantity,produce model company, platoon Cheng was not done all the time, I think the reason has at 2 o'clock: AStock sort is various, but demand is not very big, the heavy diopter that may bring about a supplier is insufficient, a what kind of stock demand should I do to plan then? Should if do this stock demand to plan that certainly will,involve production to plan? Production plans to want to plan to do according to the sale, but this is put in a problem again, this month produces according to plan laying a pipe stage of how many machine, but business is bought do not drop a machine, is that plan of my next month sure should do fluctuant? My feeling won't have a very stable plan to come out forever so! Does that production plan how to want to do again? 3. Become the discharges Cheng word of machine stage, involve man-hour to do even, but present man-hour is declared have discrepancy with standard man-hour forever, and expect cannot seasonable, because the company has design capacity, the configuration of machine stage can add a few special stock possibly again, such word, the is standard machine entirely platoon Cheng that does before me has incorrect, production is affected to plan again if wanting to revise, affect stock demand plan again, how should be this answered again? (standard man-hour here have affirming with the spot is the goes making this machine time that says a very skilled person is motionless, how do I consider the man-hour that takes employee newly and as above toilet when doing a Cheng then such time? 4. Every time the check of the company, what work does need laying a pipe do? Where is the purpose? 5. Because I do not learn these, and the quantity that the company is not the sort of electronic estate property produces a company, the person that had better have similar plant environment gives directions.
answer juicy lee  Answered at 2011.05.11 19:45:23
You should learn to taste administrative program of the canal, it how has control held is OK how has control held. If want to make an outstanding unripe valve, the mainest is to should seek a company that you know that respect to produce. Because lay tubal work special broad, should be in charge of producing control not only or produce control, (The plan of the plan that produces namely and production is controlled) ; knows how to undertake stock is controlled even, (It is stock plan, stock attempers namely, bad stuff control and normal turnover use the) such as makings control.
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