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Teacher's Day, what a good message sent to the teacher do??

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Benjamin Lane 
Asked at 2011.05.11 19:10:46
Best to let him forget their troubles, cheer up!! ~ ~
answer lily green  Answered at 2011.05.11 19:10:46
I am a tree, bathed in the wisdom of the sun, the soil of your knowledge, and grow. Days of deep feeling, to love, engraved in my heart, life after life, and never forget. Teacher, you remember me? That naughty but not naive children. When you receive the cards this time, I wanted to come to your side. Your teachings are Minglang Lang sun, shines on me heart field, let me open the flower of youth. Teacher, you inspire me really understand the nature of grace, since I read the green leaves of each petal, each piece of clouds, each spray. Beloved teacher, pure white snow, is your symbol; offer for you to weave the aura, but each wish you a happy, year after year come true! Teachings such as spring, Shien deep as the sea. We like you, the young teacher; you like spruce generally handsome, as deep as the blue sky; you have learned, as well as an accommodation to our hearts. Insatiable in learning, tireless in teaching, fragrant peaches and plums, the music is also cozy. Bless you, happy holiday! Not after long years, your voice always sounded in my ear; your figure, always in my mind's eye; your teachings, the Permanent in my heart ... ... in today is your day, wish you peace to do so! I'm not your best student, but you're my most revered teacher. in your holiday, your May you be forever young students! mentor skim take Tianchi water, spread worldwide education Xinmiao. Beloved teacher, your teaching, such as spring, like Swiss rain, Yongming my heart. I devoutly wish you: good health, true! Can-you give me the true meaning of life, such as gold, after years of wear and tear, Mi for a long time and The more clearly! name carved in wood may not be immortal, the name carved in stone and may not ever be remembered through the ages; and engraved in the depths of our hearts your name, will truly last forever! all passed the city into a kind miss, all gone a valuable idea on the square - and I miss it every second you bring us through. Today, in the distant foreign land, you give your students to yesterday, folded into the memory of the boat, any thoughts of their hearts floating in the lake ... ... your earnest instructions, a love of the springs, the river bed in my mind, the forever flowing ... ... sunny spring gardeners heart strong; Kam Yu moisture, peach red bud branches .-- I wish you a happy holiday! in the near future, whether I become a tall poplars, or low grass, the teacher , I will be the life of the green salute you! willing to cheerful songs, you always linger; willing to joy, Love, always with you. I wish you a happy holiday! teachers, our sincere wishes, just as green on the trees, thick thick, increase with age and years! all the thoughts, more integration with the endless gratitude and admiration, may your holiday was filled with bright, safe! when we pick the fruits of harvest time, you are being left to their own chalk white hair dyed white temples. salute you, beloved teacher! more like a watch your eyes, more like a listen to your lectures, and more like a grip of your hands, bottom of my heart thank you , with all my sincerity. A sincere congratulations, on behalf of those many grateful heart. I wish you joy, your desire to open this little card you can meet the time! Let my blessings, like flower in full bloom in the warm forever harvest season, out of joy for you at all times filled with embellishment. Sometimes difficult to teach our class, but we really love you! Reference of others.
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