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Like to open a production of rice pudding in the food factory, mainly producing bowl, hoping expert advice, ve

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mary ford 
Asked at 2011.05.10 22:12:39
Like to open a production of rice pudding in the food factory, mainly producing bowl, not very understanding in this regard, the main problem now is to open up this factory to make money, a good batch procedures do hope that expert advice, very grateful!
answer bozi zhang  Answered at 2011.05.10 22:12:39
Food companies must apply for registration: Environmental report and registration certificate of registration, health permits, health certificates, business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, submission and acceptance of fire safety compliance. Apply for health permits, and those in the environmental protection examination and approval is the two most important approval. So you tell us about these two materials needed for approval, and other approved instructions for the content in accordance to the business sector, or to specific industrial and commercial registered agent for the relevant approval. for health permits industrial and commercial registration .1 approval for the relevant agencies, "Health Permit" duplicate 2, health permits, and the original copy of the original and duplicate copies of 3, the basic situation of food employees Registration Form (need to bring employees "health card" and "health knowledge training certificate" original, have examined the return) 4, food processing plants (field) must also provide information on health inspection agency issued last year 1 of the "health inspection reports" for environmental approvals process 1, the main examination and approval items as: noise, sewage (waste water, smoke) 2, restaurant operators plan to provide the restaurant location, and indicate the circumstances surrounding the nature and use of neighboring buildings, for field inspection by the Environmental Protection Agency sent. 3, noise, noise and operating noise, including equipment (eg sound, noise, etc.), environmental protection staff to take the noise decibels measured value, according to industry management standards can be tested, who failed to be on a restaurant sound governance. Of particular note is the outside air conditioning unit, in addition to required equipment, low noise, some areas of external machine is installed is also a rigid rule, such as Beijing's demand to be installed outside the machine more than 2 meters from the ground. 4, degreasing to do except smoke cigarettes outside the exclusive treatment, usually in the range hood degreasing addition to smoke detectors installed. Outdoor range hood should pay attention to the direction and location of the pipeline may not cause interference to the outside world. 5, in accordance with the provisions of the sewage discharge, sewage ditch in the export of infiltration wells and grease traps to set column to precipitate debris, and remove the oil pollution. 6, the disposal facilities should always check if it is found the problem to immediate treatment. 7, after passing inspection by the Environmental Protection Agency in charge of registration application for opening the book signed by the relevant departments agreed to open comments box, and official seals.
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