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Why do car makers make front wheel drive cars?

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Asked at 2009.12.19 09:04:50
I'm over here car searching to buy my first car and then when i find one that i sort of like, i find out its front wheel drive? How gay is that? I know they're good in snow.. but guess what? i live in southern CA. It doesn't snow here =p

If it was up to me i'd get me a chevrolet camaro but i don't have enough money for one.

Can you suggest some nice looking rwd vehicles preferably a v8 or a v6 no 4 bangers though.
answer rivermikerat  Answered at 2009.12.19 09:04:50
Front wheel drive cars are made for a variety of reasons. The biggest one being traction. The next biggest reason being, traction. And the third reason? You guessed it, traction.

First car.....I'm guessing you are at the oldest 18. I would highly recommend something from the 60's until you gain some experience behind the wheel. Something with lots of strong metal around you and your body.
As far as not having the money for a Camaro, check wrecking yards. Find one that was towed away in a driveable condition. Usually you can get these dirt cheap. But, since a wrecking yard owns it, you will have to have either a certified shop or the dmv inspect it before you can register it. This is no problem if you have some skills with a wrench, but a pain in the *** if not. Because you WILL want to be sure it is a safe to drive vehicle seeing as it was bought from a wrecker. The DMV will do the inspection for free.

Honestly, I would get myself something like a Pontiac Grand Prix. Nice little v6. Decent power, but you should probably still be able to keep it under control. A Bonneville is pretty nice, also. But, these are front wheel drive cars. Pretty much nowadays if you really want RWD, you are looking trucks. And I know exactly why you want RWD. Because a RWD burnout looks much cooler than a FWD one, plus it is easier to get squirely in a RWD car than a FWD car.

Not knowing what you consider "nice-looking", that's as far as I go.
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