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  ATS group Limited in abu dhabi does anyone knows if its a scam please?  

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joyce b 
Asked at 2011.05.09 23:41:35
got an employment agreement and they sent me an email asking for my bank details including my swift code formy payroll butstill am not part of that company so i doubt
answer Fairies wear boots  Answered at 2011.05.09 23:41:35
Please use your brain. Why should a company which didn't hire you yet ask for your bank datas in you home country? Doesn't make amy sense, right?

If hired in the UAE you have to open a bank account where your salary will be paid to. Inside UAE no swift code needed.

Thanks for your doubts. Please read company's profile:
answer 2.216.116.* Answered at 2011.05.24 23:50:20
i have worked for this company you have no worries very good company
answer 2.48.202.* Answered at 2011.05.25 19:57:35
Did you accept the job offer by Ats.appreciate any feedback regarding the company and hows the wOrking environment like.
answer 86.97.175.* Answered at 2011.06.06 06:47:00
you just missed one of the best company to work for my friend...
answer 86.98.133.* Answered at 2011.06.19 04:51:22
I am working for the company at the moment,and you damn be sure that you have missed your chances..If you dont want to give your bank details you are not gonna get paid my friend,simple as that,unless you want to work for free..Open a new account,with no money inside if you are afraid from scams,is that difficult???The company is proper,and have a good reputation in UAE.
answer 92.97.74.* Answered at 2011.06.23 10:21:51
Regarding the background check,will it affect your employment with ats if you declared a different current salary during the interview.
answer 94.56.136.* Answered at 2011.06.24 09:30:49
answer Nimo  Answered at 2011.09.14 10:37:23
answer Kashif  Answered at 2011.09.19 00:29:45
answer 86.98.148.* Answered at 2011.10.09 21:38:12
answer 217.165.156.* Answered at 2011.10.10 02:05:17
answer 86.99.185.* Answered at 2011.10.17 21:44:28
answer 2.51.107.* Answered at 2012.07.05 14:28:19
answer 174.252.136.* Answered at 2012.07.16 09:12:48
I have worked for ATS group Limited before, and you are wasting your time, 1st You will meet Andries Heystek wish is the HR manager he will promise you the world and nothing will be delivered... Keep in mind you will be working on a Islamic country ( wish is a lovely experience ) so much to learn for those the haven't been over seas... but this company hired lots of Israelis and they flight them on private jets all the time.... they all said are from Brazil they will be like working for a dictator...... If you do get hired there make sure you tell Mr Shahid ( wish is the most arrogant Indian you will ever met..... List goes on It's a huge no no keep that in mind
answer 2.51.107.* Answered at 2012.07.18 00:34:41
they called me too
answer 2.49.8.* Answered at 2013.02.05 10:35:59
They called me too, but Im based in Dubai, I've been interviewed by Jasmine Nanda and now 2nd interviewed schedule by Lynn Power? I think they're legitimate because they are posting the job in the legitimate job hiring site.
answer 90.206.132.* Answered at 2013.03.12 15:02:18
i have a face to face interview in London next week after passing two telephone interviews with their HR and Engineer manager?

Very confusing all this! their website seems ok and they are on XB consultants recruitment site.

dont knonw what to beleive here
answer 90.212.125.* Answered at 2013.03.17 03:57:06
Hello my husband has a face to face interview in London next week too with ATS and I have been trying to do some research on the company etc and came across all these worrying threads? do you mind if I ask what field the job is you are applying for? and have you found out any other info?

Thank you
answer 91.199.104.* Answered at 2013.03.19 07:58:27
hi guys,

I also have an interview with ATS on Wenesday, Hilton padington. I don't know what to expect from this...
answer 10.35.43.* Answered at 2013.03.20 11:05:32
I have just had my interview with them In London. HR and technical there where 4 people sat on there panel. It's all above board
answer 90.206.132.* Answered at 2013.03.22 13:56:32
Had my interview on Tuesday, got a call yesterday offering me the job as a maintenance hardware technician. got a call from Hr ( Liam ) based in Zurich i think telling me i will be hearing from them next week with my contract?

Has anyone else been offered a contract?

answer 90.212.125.* Answered at 2013.03.23 06:01:22
well done on getting the job! had my interview Wednesday, not sure how it went...? just have to wait and see now! Sounds like you got a quick response though which is good news.
answer 86.162.236.* Answered at 2013.03.25 14:18:00
So is a good company or not?
answer 89.242.57.* Answered at 2013.03.25 18:25:00
Had interview offered a position all seemed correct nervous regards getting the right package in place
answer 10.14.1.* Answered at 2013.03.26 07:02:06
I would like to know if this is a scam or not? Are this for real or is another bullshi?
answer 2.97.241.* Answered at 2013.03.26 13:00:27
seems unlikely, class outfit, nice people with finance to back it up
answer 99.235.47.* Answered at 2013.04.30 15:10:10
any updates on this topic?
answer 92.41.205.* Answered at 2013.05.01 11:00:02
i have been given a contract, and had a background check from a third party, all seems legit. my visa application is going through. possibly starting June.
answer 69.80.101.* Answered at 2013.05.04 06:44:18
How long time for a background check?
answer 31.78.249.* Answered at 2013.05.15 09:05:42
Background checks are done via third party called HireRight- took around 2 weeks
answer 94.56.216.* Answered at 2013.05.19 03:39:53
How long did it take them to give feedback after the face to face?
answer 20.133.0.* Answered at 2014.09.26 04:41:47
ATS Abu Dhabi is a legitimate company who have resources based elsewhere in the Middle East and USA. The Abu Dhabi HQ is based in the Sky Tower over several floors on Reem Island about 2/3 miles from Abu Dhabi City Centre.

The work they carry out is related to installing and maintaining Security systems on and around Oil Installations both on land and at Sea (Rigs). They also maintain the road cameras/security systems you see around the major towns within the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

They are a good company to work for but I would strongly recommend that you negotiate a very/extremely good pay/expenses deal at the start of your employment because there will be no new pay deals/increase once you are employed by them.

If you are unfortunate enough to work for a section called field engineering expect long hours and substandard living conditions when living away from home.

Some of the comments above may seem a bit harsh but I can understand why they have been written.

At the end of the day its your decision if you want the job or not.

oh and as to why they require your bank details before you join it is simply because your first, second and maybe third pay check will be paid into your home bank since it can take time to set up a bank account in the UAE.

My advice is that if your single go for it. BUT think twice if you are married ..... especially with kids.
answer 178.153.17.* Answered at 2014.11.11 07:33:06
Whenever we leave a company...or terminated from a company...gratuity should be given.. in cash...not by Home Country Bank Account...its a big Question there??? An employee needs to go home to his country ,before he/she can get her last that something fishy here...
stalin Answered at 2015.08.13 01:32:54
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answer 59.96.198.* Answered at 2015.11.07 23:34:25
the ceo is a fucker who fuck day to da
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