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  How does sport bring people together?  

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Asked at 2011.05.09 23:36:42
i need to write a speech on how sport brings peopel together in a multicultural way, points would be very helpful thank you
answer Sexxxplicit  Answered at 2011.05.09 23:36:42
Sports brings people together of different ethnic, religious, social and cultural backgrounds.

Why sport brings people together multiculturalism?

Because in a team sport, everyone is working towards a goal.

How do you achieve your goal?

By working together (teamwork). The desire for success that we put aside our prejudices, the real work, not our own negative image of such a person. After the end of a season, people will combine together, because the sport experience - successes, failures, difficulties, and experience victory.

In a way, a team sport can be a microcosm of society or family. Both are working towards a goal, we need to take a different personality characteristics and synthesized successfully.
answer boo  Answered at 2011.05.22 23:38:40
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answer boo  Answered at 2011.05.22 23:39:19
answer 125.33.3.* Answered at 2011.05.25 23:45:12
Sport brings people together multiculturalism.
answer adda  Answered at 2011.06.01 06:54:35
sport is a powerful communication tool brings people together multiculturalism.And sport is a universal language. At its best it can bring people together, regardless of their origin, background, religious beliefs or economic status. Moreover, when young people participate in sports , they can experience real joy, even though they learn teamwork and tolerance of the ideal.
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answer 203.51.108.* Answered at 2012.03.19 00:26:27
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answer 121.216.164.* Answered at 2012.04.01 23:17:17
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answer 114.198.85.* Answered at 2012.04.24 21:49:53
Everyone is focusing on winning and working together to suceed.
answer 122.106.6.* Answered at 2012.04.30 05:29:14
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morganrose7 Answered at 2012.05.08 16:58:59
because people make friends and they like sport (i dont hahahahahahahahahahahaha this is for my school

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answer 58.173.136.* Answered at 2012.06.02 22:33:46
anwser:talk about how the olipic games does
answer 211.30.161.* Answered at 2012.06.06 04:34:50
i need help with a speech about sports being poeple together
answer 220.238.50.* Answered at 2012.06.12 05:12:50
when your playing sports you can make up friends from different religions and different cultural backgrounds.
answer 220.238.50.* Answered at 2012.06.12 15:27:47
Can you please help
answer 121.217.32.* Answered at 2012.08.28 01:24:34
I will help you with your speech because i have to do it to.
sport brings people together by any way,hokey,netball and many ather sports can brig different people/countries.

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answer 124.176.70.* Answered at 2012.10.09 01:21:44
Many different cultures and traditions get together
succes always happens
answer 124.176.70.* Answered at 2012.10.09 01:29:01
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victoria Answered at 2013.11.25 23:00:23
All games will give an opportunity to people to be happy along. But the healthy competition can do this. The sharing of happiness with the players in different country will be a motivation to other people. The players of a game will be from different places. So, the multiculturalism in the game players will help the people to understand the value of humanity.
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