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Can beta fish live without the luxuries of a heater and filter?

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Asked at 2011.05.06 02:05:28
This is just a thought. I'm considering getting a beta fish, For those of you that are thinking,"you're a fish murderer! How could you NOT get a heater and filter??"

Understand that I'm on a very very very VERY...low budget. Like, 50 dollars kind of low.

I'm planning on buying the fish, the bloodworms and fish flakes, a small fish bowl, some rocks and decorations to start me off with. I'm planning on cleaning the tank every 2 weeks so he doesn't really need a filter. However, I was told that the fish needs room tempurature water. When will I know the right tempurature for my fish? After cleaning the bowl, wouldn't I have to wait an hour for the water to get to room temp. before putting the beta back in?
Maybe when I'm more experienced with fish owning and such, will I have the budget to go and buy a bigger tank with a filter/heater. I've seen how petsmart and walmart keep their fih in those tiny cups of...... toilet water? I don't even know.

You can even help me pick a name too. I like the names cosmo, gizmo, moonpie and marley. Which name do you like best? Give another one if you don't like mine. :)
answer Ianab  Answered at 2011.05.06 02:05:28
You are pretty certain to kill your fish with that plan.

Cleaning every two weeks is for decent size tanks that ARE filtered. After 2 weeks your bowl will be way past the toxic waste dump stage. Try every 2nd day for cleaning, still not good for the fish, and hard work for you.

Betta are tropical fish and NEED warm water, at least 70F, but better at 75-80F. Maybe your room stays warm enough, or you might wake up one cold night and find your fish is a floater.

Betta in cups at pet shops. Borders on animal cruelty. But it's a bit like them giving you a puppy in a shoe box. It's in there so you can carry it home easily. But you don't expect it to live in there do you?

Check out some garage sales, peoples spare rooms etc. There are tons of old tanks out there you can get for almost nothing. Even if you have to buy a heater and small filter for it there is no reason you can't set up a proper 10 or 15gal aquarium for that sort of money. Will be MUCH better for the fish, and easier for you to care for.

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